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Did They Learn Nothing From Heath Ledger

October 8. 2009

Mitch Hewer

Handsome, heterosexual movie star, Heath Ledger, was chosen by gay Hollywood, to play a homosexual predator in the gay film "Brokeback Mountain."

He faced a worldwide backlash, which included public pressure, protests, death threats, hate mail and emails. It began the downward emotional spiral that drove him to illegal prescription medication abuse, which ultimately claimed his life to an overdose

Yesterday, the Judiciary Report covered the BBC/E4 teen program "Skins" in the article "Madonna Violates The Privacy Of Minors."

A homosexual character on "Skins" was called Maxie and the role was played by heterosexual actor, Mitch Hewer.

Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, the gay creators and writers of the show, who worked for, then with, sicko writer/producer, Russell Davies, chose Hewer for his good looks. Davies, a camp homosexual, publicly thanked him for including the gay character in the show.

At the time he was chosen to play Maxie, Mitch was barely 17-years-old and required to perform gay kissing and fondling scenes on camera. That's called exploitation of a minor.

Hewer later stated in an interview that people (men) always come up to him expecting him to be gay like the character Maxie, but he is not. His facial expressions and words during the interview betrayed the fact he was not happy regarding these developments.

He has also been typecast as gay, as the work is not flowing in as it should be, for an actor that was on national television, starring on a program that was shown in many countries.

To take a heterosexual male, especially one that is a minor, promise him fame and fortune, but tell him, in order to live his dreams as an actor, he as an underage youth, would have to do gay kissing and fondling scenes with other boys on camera, was reprehensible.

What about Hewer's emotional well being. Did the gay factions of the entertainment world learn nothing from the death of Heath Ledger. They took a straight actor, cast him in a high profile gay role and it resulted in an avalanche of letters, comments and criticism that played a factor in his early demise.

His mind was so distressed and restless that he overmedicated himself. It is a terrible burden they place on straight actors, casting them in gay roles.

Too often, gay executives in show business, want good looking, charming young men to compromise who they are, in order to set up some ideal of what is gay, in a bid at shoving homosexuality down the throats of audiences.

I find the show "Skins" very disturbing. It sets a horrible example for teens, much like the 20th Century Fox film "Jennifer's Body" and certain other programming in that genre. It's not right to foist that on people's impressionable children.


Jamie Brittain, who nicknamed himself "Devil" on Twitter, bragged recently that "Skins" does show debauchery among teens, but refuses to show the consequences of such misconduct. This dude is crazy. You're not even dealing with adults, but children and this is the terrible mindset you are operating under, in exposing millions of people's kids to vile conduct, guaranteed to mess up their lives in some manner or other, if they try it.

That's called being reckless. You have a pedophilic show full of 16 and 17-year-olds, glamorizing simulating sex on camera, binge drinking (getting very drunk, very often), abusing prescription meds in large doses, taking illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, marijuana and magic mushrooms, violently attacking each other requiring hospitalization for head and body injuries, engaging in property theft and destruction, underage youths having sex with teachers, teenage abortion and racial slurs - yet you are showing off, with your pseudo-intellectual thinking, that this is somehow acceptable behavior. You really are a "Devil."   

But what about the consequences?

You seemed to have unrealistically exempted yourself from all consequences in life, such as criminally spying on underage youth and foolishly believing their sibling won't come after you in every court of law, both civil and criminal, until you are incarcerated, destitute and without any form of a name. You are to the BBC and E4, what they call in the insurance and legal industries, a massive liability.   



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