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European Governments Work To Secure Integrity Of The Food Chain After Horsemeat Scandal

March 27. 2013

Having spent a few glorious months in London, England last year and shopping at Tesco, among other stores, for food and other items, I was blissfully unaware of a horsemeat scandal that would erupt months later. It turns out horsemeat was being passed off as burger meat by European suppliers and made its way to British and French supermarket shelves. 

That’s right, I may have unintentionally had some Seabiscuit also known as Mr. Ed. But what can you do. I love horses and wouldn’t intentionally eat one, but in many nations, some suppliers sneak things into products and fail to disclose it to the public. 

A few weeks ago the Queen of England fell sick with gastroenteritis and all I could jokingly think was did she unintentionally have some horsemeat. Who knows, but I was only kidding. None of the food I had in England made me sick. Contrary to what some claim, British food is quite good.



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