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There are judges abusing the rules of evidence in what they are and are not admitting into evidence in court, creating serious miscarriages of justice.

Many cases, presented by innocent people whose rights are being violated have been lost due to this discretionary privilege given to judges, some of whom, for the right price, have abused it.

What's more shocking is there is absolutely no oversight in this matter, judicial, Congressional, or otherwise. They are allowed to do this at will, destroying legal cases and the rights of the innocent...and the court's name. 

The questionable judge that will not even look at evidence showing a crime. The reprehensible judge that will not admit key evidence into a case that could free the wrongly accused.

How can a jury decide if they don't have all the pertinent facts, the key phrase being "pertinent facts," as a judge has already decided for them in throwing out evidence they needed to see to make proper decisions on a jury panel.

To disregard and or block evidence and proper expert testimony is corrupt. Full stop.

However, it is a dirty practice that has been utilized by many judges, especially in Hollywood cases.



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