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P.O. Box 11375
Miami, Florida 33101 


ROBERT S. MUELLER            
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington DC 20530 


1. The Plaintiff, Aisha Goodison, professionally known as “Aisha” is a writer, singer, instrumentalist, director, producer, painter and inventor. She was a child prodigy and has a genius level IQ. She holds dual citizenship to Jamaica, her homeland and America, where she currently resides in Miami, Florida. She hails from an award winning family that has specialized in arts and entertainment for decades. Her father is an award winning radio personality, whose show is listened to by millions of people all over the world. He is also a Justice of the Peace, who does extensive charity work that has helped many worthwhile causes. Previously, he was an international soccer player and the youngest man to ever play for the Jamaican National Team. Her mother is a former Jamaican beauty queen that previously worked for an artist management company. One of her aunts is Jamaica’s poet laureate and another is the nation’s most famous media personality. Aisha is the writer and web designer of a very successful string of Internet sites. They are AishaMusic.com, JudiciaryReport.com, SonustarNews.com, SoundOffColumn.com, Compendius.com, CelluloidFilmReview.com and UnitedPeaceInitiative.com, which are read by an audience of millions. She is one of the most read bloggers on the Internet. She has also been featured in mainstream print, radio and Internet. Aisha is the author of a multi-billion dollar valued Copyrighted Catalog of works that contains 12,500 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing line, nano-technology, a solar cell phone and thousands of other items. Aisha is also the author of forthcoming medical and science patents to extend and improve human life, health and well-being. Her company is called Sonustar.


2. The Plaintiff seeks two things 1.) The release of files and records under the Freedom Of Information Act and 2.) $850,000 in punitive and compensatory damages against the Defendants and all other remedies the court deems fit, due to massive, gross negligence, harassment, abuse and inhumane indifference from the FBI, under Robert S. Mueller’s instructions, which nearly claimed her life, while destroying her health, assets and finances, with the Defendants’ conduct being a proximate cause of the subsequent life threatening, unprecedented, stress-induced brain hemorrhage Aisha suffered, somewhat similar to the aneurysms Vice President Joe Biden suffered.

3. AISHA WILL NEED COSTLY MEDICAL CARE FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, due to physical side effects stemming from the stress induced brain hemorrhage and a nerve damaged right leg, the byproduct of a botched angiogram, when the hospital performed an emergency surgical procedure, trying to ascertain the source of the “life threatening” brain hemorrhage that was later attributed to stress. As a result of the brain hemorrhage, Aisha was hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital on October 13, 2008. Aisha underwent 2 MRIs, 2 CT scans, an angiogram, an EKG, EMG, Doppler, blood tests, urine tests and a battery of other exams, which all came up normal, save for the unprecedented brain hemorrhage in the occipital lobe that showed up on the MRIs and CT scans. Aisha had no preexisting medical conditions and has never been sick beyond the occasional common cold. She has never taken drugs or smoked and does not drink. Upon examination it was revealed, she suffered no external injuries to create the hemorrhage, unlike the case of the late actress Natasha Richardson, who died this year. Aisha is the first in her family as far back as they can recall, to sustain a brain hemorrhage. It is clearly the end result of the terrible, dehumanizing, stressful ordeal and traumatic abuse she was put through at the hands of the negligent FBI and entertainment industry members involved in the occult, Hollywood’s Kabbalah Center cult, who have been allowed to stalk, terrorize, threaten, harass, abuse and assault her for years. The traumatic brain hemorrhage has produced side effects such as chronic nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme fatigue, head pains, head aches, blurred vision at night, sensitivity to light and in a separate incident, permanent nerve damage in her right leg, due to the aforementioned angiogram. Aisha is in danger of sustaining another brain hemorrhage, due to the fact the FBI has failed to rein in known miscreants that continue to stalk, harass, terrorize and contact her on a frequent basis, which creates severe stress and is against Aisha’s neurologists’ orders. IF AISHA SUSTAINS ANOTHER STRESS INDUCED BRAIN HEMORRHAGE, ACCORDING TO EXPERTS IN THE MEDICAL FIELD, IT HAS AN EXTREMELY HIGH PROBABILITY OF BEING FATAL. Therefore, Aisha’s life is at stake and the aforementioned Hollywood harassers need to be restrained and a protective order issued. Said brain hemorrhage could have also destroyed valuable medical and science research, apart of Aisha’s forthcoming patents, had said physical medical event, wiped out the Plaintiff’s memory cells, as brain hemorrhages have been known to do. The continued harassment has also slowed down Aisha’s medical recovery, as neurologists projected the brain hemorrhage would reabsorb into the brain in 4-6 weeks, but due to ongoing harassment, creating severe undue stress, MRI test results revealed, at the 6 month mark (March 2009) only 2/3rds of the hemorrhaged blood had reabsorbed into the brain. 


4. This action is filed under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), 5 U.S.C. § 552. The Plaintiff is entitled to judicial review of this claim pursuant to 5 USC § 552(a)(4)(B). The Plaintiff seeks injunctive relief and the immediate release of all records and files in their entirety, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, regarding her, her copyrights, companies, ventures and the Madonna case she filed a complaint about in 2005. She further seeks all files and records bearing her name Aisha, Aisha Goodison, Aisha K. Goodison, Aisha Kamilah Goodison and any and all variant spellings others chose, such as Alisha Goodison. Aisha seeks the release of all files involving her, even if they do not bear her name. The FBI has wrongfully withheld these files, acknowledging in writing there are files, but declining to release them without a lawsuit from the Plaintiff, providing no explanation, in conduct that is in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Aisha has tried in good faith to obtain these files and records, containing thousands of pages, through the appropriate administrative means, but was denied, therefore requests the court instruct the Defendants to immediately send copies of the files and records to her. Aisha is not a terrorist, spy or informant and has no criminal record. Therefore files relating to her could not lawfully be categorized as “classified” or a “national security” matter. To state she is any of the aforementioned would give rise to a defamation lawsuit, as she is a law-abiding private citizen. Therefore, under FOIA or any other law, there is no valid reason the aforementioned files and records should be withheld. FBI Director Mueller should bear in mind, the newly elected President, the Honorable Barack Obama, has promised “transparency” in government. Therefore, old policies of secrecy from the former administration must go. To do otherwise would be to dishonor President Obama’s pledge to the nation and the world. Anything less than “transparency” translates into a cover-up. This case and an advanced copy of this lawsuit were referred to President Obama On July 15, 2009, as mentioned further in this lawsuit. 


5. This Court retains subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction over the parties pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(4)(B) which grants a district court of the United States jurisdiction to enjoin an agency from improperly withholding records and to order said agency to produce such records to the complainant. Venue is proper in the District of Florida under 5 USC § 552(a)(4)(B) which grants jurisdiction to the district court in the district in which the complainant lives. 15. 5 U.S.C. § 552 (a)(3) requires that governmental agencies "upon any request for records...shall make the records promptly available to any person." This Court also has jurisdiction over this action pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1331. Venue lies in this district under 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(4)(B).


6. Pursuant to Federal law, Aisha filed a formal human rights violation/copyright infringement complaint with the FBI, submitted it to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller via registered mail, which the U.S. Postal Service confirmed his office signed for on September 29, 2005. The Department of Justice was also sent a copy of the complaint and a similar letter requesting a formal investigation with the wish to press charges against the miscreants violating her rights. FBI Director Mueller never responded to the serious complaint, nor did he address the matter in any measure, in violation of his Constitutional oath of office. The Miami FBI, who Aisha contacted by telephone, 6 weeks after FBI Director Mueller did not respond or address the matter threatening the Plaintiff’s life, told her on three separate occasions they are investigating the case, with the Minneapolis FBI stating the same in writing as well shortly after. The Miami FBI told Aisha to come in for an interview, stating they did not see the complaint she sent to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller 6 weeks prior, listed in their files, though the U.S. Post Office confirmed in writing, it was signed for by the Director’s office in Washington, D.C.  

7. Aisha was interviewed by Miami FBI Special Agent, J. Christopher Kaczynski, on November 3, 2005 at the FBI’s Miami field office. She furnished him with documents relating to the case, which he told her to hold onto, return with her copyrights the next business day and give them to “the agent on duty” so the FBI could “match them up” with what had been stolen. She complied and was interviewed by Miami FBI Special Agent, Mary Catherine Koontz, on November 7, 2005, regarding the human rights/copyright infringement case. Aisha informed Agent Koontz of the serious, life threatening nature of the case and gave her copies of her copyrights, copyright certificates and case files, as Agent Kaczynski previously told her to do. During those 2005 FBI interviews, Aisha gave the agents credible, detailed information about, Anthony Pellicano, a private investigator to the stars, listing his methods of illegal activity, targeting innocent people such as herself, on behalf of celebrities, such as pop singer Madonna. Four months later he was arrested and three years later, in 2008, he was convicted of the very kind of previously undisclosed misconduct, Aisha described to the FBI in great detail in 2005, in person and in writing. Pellicano was sentenced to 15 years in prison, found guilty on 110 charges of illegal wiretapping, identity theft, racketeering, bribing police officers and harassment on behalf of celebrities that hired him. Aisha’s information to the FBI proved to be 100% true and correct. 

8. The FBI’s delays and negligence in the Anthony Pellicano case, caused cases such as Bo Zenga v. Brad Grey to be corrupted and dismissed, much like Aisha’s 2005 civil case against Madonna. Zenga later reopened the copyright case against producer Brad Grey, after the Pellicano indictments were unsealed and it was revealed he was illegally wiretapped by the defendant in a case regarding the “Scary Movie” franchise, violating attorney client privilege. Zenga won a settlement as a result. The FBI’s criminal negligence in Aisha’s case has opened the Plaintiff up to a world of abuse, harassment and assault commissioned by the aforementioned Hollywood Kabbalah miscreants. Said miscreants’ confidence and criminal arrogance has grown to unprecedented heights, believing the FBI’s negligence is a green light to do every unimaginable horror to the Plaintiff, including attempting to run her over with vehicles on public streets in three well-documented incidents. Aisha previously revealed to the FBI in 2005 that this was being done to individuals such as herself, on the instruction of Anthony Pellicano and 3 years later it was confirmed during his criminal trial, via a confession in court, that it is indeed a tactic he and his hired hands used on innocent victims. In 2006, an employee for the Minneapolis FBI called Aisha back regarding a “victim of crime” letter she was sent by their field office in July 2006, in reference to personal and identifying information relating to Aisha, being illegally obtained via hacking and other means and stated once the investigation is completed, they may not release the files, which is a violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Aisha also spoke to FBI lawyers Mr. Novice and Mr. Luders about the criminal case in 2008. Both men engaged in stonewalling on Robert S. Mueller’s instructions. 

9. The FBI and DOJ have dealt treacherously with Aisha, a “victim of crime” who Los Angeles FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller contacted on September 9-10, 2008, by email and phone and maliciously threatened and harassed, because she did not like the fact Aisha authored articles critical of the FBI on her website, read by millions all over the world (like so many other prominent writers and bloggers, who have grown very disillusioned with the FBI). However, Aisha’s articles are covered by the Constitution, which guarantees Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press and are in direct response to the FBI’s negligence in her civil rights/copyrights case that repeatedly endangers her life. It is an appalling and disgraceful way to treat a “victim of crime” when you should be pursuing the criminals terrorizing, harassing and assaulting the victim, in well documented conduct many people witnessed. This traumatic incident greatly contributed to creating the unprecedented, stress induced brain hemorrhage Aisha sustained weeks after Emiller’s threats, regarding an irate, heavily armed, gun wielding L.A. FBI agent. This incident betrayed victims of crime everywhere, as it was unthinkable, uncivil, unconstitutional and inexcusable. The FBI has had four years to investigate this case, telling Aisha three times they are doing so. For them to have failed in this measure after all this time would send a terrible message to the nation and the world on how the FBI addresses justice matters. These acts of negligence, violated the FBI’s constitutionally sworn duty, they were obligated to perform as federal law enforcement with jurisdiction, in acts that caused Aisha great injury, two fold, in almost claiming her life via harassing misconduct from the two aforementioned FBI employees and from miscreants in Hollywood known to the FBI that consistently demonstrate they pose a great threat to the Plaintiff’s life. 

10. During a press conference on May 29, 2009, President Obama denounced individuals hacking into computer systems to steal intellectual property such as copyrights. The President spoke of his desire to protect the nation’s infrastructure, referring to instances of companies suffering hundreds of millions of dollars in financial losses, due to individuals hacking into business systems and stealing intellectual property.  To date $25 billion dollars of copyrights have been stolen from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog in this manner and infringed, devalued to $4 billion in sales, which the Plaintiff has not seen a penny from. This case was referred to President Obama on July 15, 2009. One week later, the Special Agent in Charge of the Miami FBI throughout this terrible human rights abuse case, Jonathan I. Solomon, a former special aide to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, vacated his job, unceremoniously leaving the FBI. On May 23, 2009, Plaintiff wrote an article questioning the FBI’s delays in the case, as FBI Agent Mary Catherine Koontz previously told her in 2005 that U.S. attorney, R. Alexander Acosta, would be the one to decide if they would pursue charges. Aisha questioned in said article, how Mr. Acosta could let such crimes and human rights abuses, continue to transpire against an innocent person, nearly claiming Plaintiff’s life and he too resigned a week after the article was published on Aisha’s website, read by millions. In another incident, Aisha via a series of published articles, questioned the wisdom of the FBI’s approach to its computer system that later failed, costing U.S. taxpayers $1 billion dollars. The day after Aisha published a key article on the subject to her website read by millions, the head of the FBI’s computer department quit his job. Regarding Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog, a significant portion of the proceeds from Aisha’s copyrights were to go to helping cancer and AIDS victims, but instead, the copyrights have been illegally stolen and gone down the gullets of thieving entertainers and executives guzzling champagne, taking expensive vacations, buying designer clothes, jewels, expensive cars and lavish homes for themselves, their families and significant others, with the ill-gotten, stolen wealth. 

11. Aisha’s voluminous, aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog has made her a target of individuals in Hollywood, namely pop singer Madonna and her associates, who have been sued many times, by writers and singers all over the world, for this very type of misconduct. Madonna has psychotically persisted with bombarding Aisha with a massive stream of unwanted and unsolicited email and telephone contact, done through the staff of her official website Madonna.com, her famous producers, men such as friend and ex-boyfriend, John “Jellybean” Benitez, Miami resident Tim “Timbaland” Mosely, her labelmate producer/rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs and several other artists, producers and executives affiliated with Madonna. There is irrefutable digital evidence thereof supporting these claims. Sony, a business partner with Madonna, under the direction of CEO Howard Stringer, via a Sony employee, also repeatedly contacted Aisha by email sent to Plaintiff’s official website, AishaMusic.com, even inviting her to Sony’s offices in writing and sending her an unsolicited gift by mail, unbeknownst to her, containing computer spyware (much like the Sony DRM scandal), before proceeding to infringe her vast, multi-billion dollar valued Copyrighted Catalog, using an unlawfully made computer copy thereof, obtained by the hosting team for Madonna.com, the singer’s official website, via computer hacking.  

12. Madonna, Guy Oseary, Edgar Bronfman jr, Howard Stringer, Simon Fuller, Simon Cowell and their affiliates, have exhibited a relentless, reckless, greedy determination to unlawfully steal and release item after item from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog, stopping at nothing, in their illegal bids to release as much of it as possible, in violation of the law, which is extraordinarily egregious and a heinous throwback to slavery, especially considering it took Aisha over 20 years to author the Copyrighted Catalog, they have absolutely no rights to. Once again, it is appalling modern day slavery. Two computer companies have certified in writing, Aisha’s business computers are being severely hacked. The hacks were traced back to Digilink, the webhost of Madonna’s official website. Digilink is run by Robert Atkins and located at 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Aisha’s internet service provider, BellSouth/AT&T have been unable to stop the hacks and illegal intrusions. Aisha’s godmother’s husband, the late legendary producer, Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, who invented reggae music and discovered artists such as Bob Marley, who went on to sell 300,000,000 records, previously sued Sony for copyright infringement. Sony was forced to make a settlement, which Aisha’s dad, the aforementioned, renowned musicologist, collected from Sony, on behalf of his life long friend and faithfully delivered it to him. Aisha’s dad has been most appalled and distressed that Sony and Madonna have been targeting his daughter in terrible acts of exploitation and harassment, to the point she has become physically ill with a brain hemorrhage and could die from the unprovoked, continued harassment and abuse. He has already faced the death of one child, his son, who drowned whilst selflessly saving a child that was drowning in the sea, then going back into the water, attempting to rescue another child, with the tide pulling them both under, pronounced dead at the hospital. Targeting Aisha to the point of life threatening physical illness has been a vile burden Sony, Madonna and co. have placed on the family, who had done them no harm. 

13. Madonna’s conduct has become so obsessive and extreme, she saw it fit to ask a radio personality named “Hans” of the top 40 radio station Nova 919 FM, listened to by millions in Australia, to email Aisha all the way in Miami, Florida under false pretenses, to set her up on a syndicated radio show special, that unbeknownst to Aisha, was sponsored by Madonna, with Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone and several of her family, friends and staff members, set to appear on the program, which they did, during a promotion Madonna was running at the station. Hans even did a crass intro piece for Aisha before she was set to appear on the radio show that Aisha was not told was a special that would include Madonna’s family, friends and staff members, otherwise she would not have committed to it. Aisha cancelled when she found out by accident, after tuning in early to the show’s broadcast online. The mere fact Madonna thought it appropriate to deceitfully attempt to get Aisha on a live radio show that would feature her family, friends and staff, when Aisha is none of those things, is a terrible testament to Madonna’s poor mental health and obsessive conduct. This incident constituted violations of the Australian Capital Territory Crimes Act 1900 s34A sections (c), (e), (f) (g) and (h) and the Victoria Crimes Act 1958 s21A sections 1, 2 (b), (e), (f), (g) and 3, which relates to stalking and harassment (electronic communications). This continuous contact from Madonna, via her staff, producers and associates, has been one sided, obsessive, depraved and unwanted. Aisha never did anything to Madonna and never contacted her in any fashion, yet since 1998, Madonna has been actively spying on and targeting Aisha through private investigators, her famous producers, associates, friends and Miami Kabbalah Center members, in ever escalating misconduct that reached terrible heights in 2005, forcing Aisha to go to the FBI. This chronic criminal conduct has caused Aisha immeasurable distress, financial loss and stress; to the point it made Aisha physically ill (brain hemorrhage). 

14. Aisha faced more unwanted contact and harassment at her birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Miami, on November 8, 2008, by actor Mike Epps, star of Madonna affiliate Sony’s infringing film “Hancock” a preexisting copyright unlawfully taken from Aisha’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog. Mike Epps was sent there to upset Aisha, three weeks after she was released from the hospital and trying to recover from the aforementioned, unprecedented brain hemorrhage. Aisha was already feeling ill with head pains and nausea from the brain hemorrhage and Epps caused her additional undue distress and stress. Epps sat two tables over to the right of Aisha, her mother and neighbor, in the restaurant. He and his bodyguards spent the entire time watching, talking about and pointing at Aisha, so much so, it attracted the attention of other diners, puzzled by his behavior. He even stood in the aisle of their section, blocking that exit out of the restaurant, to ensure Aisha would have to speak to him to leave the restaurant. When Aisha motioned to leave the restaurant in the opposite direction, attempting to avoid him, Epps and his two muscular, stone-faced bodyguards rushed out through the exit, then began menacingly and aggressively following behind Aisha in the deserted parking lot. Aisha quickly got into her neighbor’s vehicle and locked the door, heading home immediately. Shortly before that incident, two red string bracelet-wearing men from the Miami Kabbalah Center, followed Aisha and her family to a different restaurant. Once again, they sat two tables over from Aisha and her family, didn’t order anything and sat there for a half an hour, menacingly staring at her with angry, hateful looks, eavesdropping on the family’s conversation to the point it made them concerned for their safety. Aisha was also harassed in a separate incident on hospital grounds, during an outpatient visit, regarding the aforementioned brain hemorrhage, in acts committed by members of the Miami Kabbalah Center, who followed her there. It also spawned two additional Civil Rights Act violating incidents at her expense at the hospital. 

15. In misconduct that is a known technique of now incarcerated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, Madonna’s red string bracelet wearing Miami Kabbalah members, mysteriously know where Aisha is at all times, constantly coming up to her in public on most days she leaves the house. They have aggressively approached her in banks, department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, libraries and parking lots, smugly identifying themselves as members of the Kabbalah Center, then relaying vile threats and nasty messages from Madonna, in acts of bullying, harassment and stalking, many of which were caught on camera, indelibly identifying them. Such conduct constitutes cowardly gang stalking, bearing a sick pack mentality. Aisha has been followed all over Miami, London and Jamaica, by Madonna’s private investigator and members of Kabbalah he has working with him, to harass and terrorize her. These acts constitute blatant violations of The Florida Statues, section 784.048, 1-3, the California Penal Code Section 646.9 (a),(e),(f),(g) and (h), the U.S. Code, Britain’s Criminal Justice And Police Act of 2001, the Malicious Communications Act 1988 Section 1 and Jamaican Statutes. 

16. Three separate incidents turned into vehicular assault, which could have claimed Aisha’s life. Other incidents include a Kabbalah Center conducted hate crime against Aisha and her mother in Aventura Mall, replete with racial slurs. In another incident, a male Kabbalah member came up to Aisha with mafia styled death threats, which is particularly relevant to this case, as Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, who she is still working with on a movie of his life, Miami’s Chris Pacello, is a convicted murderer, who is a member of the Italian mafia, much like her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, who also lives in Miami, also got involved in his sister’s misconduct. In a 2005 incident, a Kabbalah member Madonna sent, choked Aisha on the same street as the Miami Dade courthouse, forcing her to fend him off. Madonna has a penchant for choking people, as she was sued for choking and assault an innocent 10-year-old boy in New York, named Keith Sorrantino, for which she made a $600,000 settlement and separately in another incident, choking the son of legendary television host, Dick Clark. There is an abundance of photographic evidence identifying individuals in this case, sent by Madonna and the Kabbalah Center, to target Aisha. None of them should be in such close proximity to Aisha on a regular basis. Aisha was also threatened with dogs by individuals Madonna hired to harass her, in conduct frequently associated with Anthony Pellicano, reminiscent of how black people were threatened with dogs during the Civil Rights era. The aggravated stalking also includes trespassing at Aisha’s home and cyberstalking online. Aisha is a peaceful, unarmed, defenseless, innocent woman that did nothing to anyone. The chronic, aggravated stalking poses a risk to Aisha’s life in another manner as well, as members of Kabbalah have stalked, approached and viciously murdered several innocent people in well-publicized cases. Kabbalah members, Phiona Davis and Gideon Busch, are but a few Kabbalah members, who initiated separate assaults and murderous confrontations against innocent citizens, one stabbing two people to death over 150 times, in unprovoked acts of violence and the other threateningly wielding a hammer at innocent children on a New York street, then attacking police officers. Their psychotic conduct was publicly attributed to Kabbalah Center brainwashing that created schizophrenia. 

 17. Madonna’s commissioned misconduct towards Aisha continues to escalate. Aisha went public, regarding two additional attempts that were made on her life, one in 2006 and the other in 2007, in the presence of her horrified mother, when a male Kabbalah member tried to run them over with a van in a Walgreens parking lot on July 23. 2008, due to Madonna and Sony, among others affiliated with them, wanting to openly take control of Aisha’s entire Copyrighted Catalog. One year later, on July 11, 2009, Latoya Jackson, the sister of the late pop star Michael Jackson, who died under suspicious circumstances on June 25, 2009, which the coroner’s office ruled a “homicide” stated in News of the World newspaper, which was also carried in the Daily Mail UK, US Weekly and on Radaronline.com that her brother Michael was murdered for his $1 billion publishing copyrighted catalog, he co-owns with Sony, who have been trying to steal it from him since Howard Stringer became the CEO in 2005. She also stated Michael Jackson told her privately a couple years prior, he feared they would try to “murder” him to gain full control of the copyrighted catalog. Aisha alleged the same regarding herself on her widely read website, but prior to this revelation by Latoya Jackson, as Aisha is also concerned for her life in regard to the dangerous conduct Sony and Madonna have been engaging in against her, which has been completely unprovoked, unwarranted and unlawful. 

18. Individuals that work for Madonna.com and Digilink, known to the FBI, have been illegally hacking Aisha’s computers on a daily basis and in doing so, unlawfully accessed her Copyrighted Catalog, trade secrets, medical records, parents medical records, bank accounts, bank cards, social security number, passport information, travel records and her accounts for Google Adsense, Google BlogSpot, Wordpress, Twitter, AdBrite, Amazon, Bell South/AT&T and Go Daddy. They have also unlawfully altered utility bills. They have hacked, defaced, altered and amended Aisha’s websites, waging Distributed Denial of Service attacks against Aisha’s widely read sites, which there is digital proof of. Said hackers also repeatedly targeted Aisha’s ad revenue on her sites, via hacks structured to removed paid advertising, illegally taking them offline by destroying Microsoft FrontPage’s server extensions and shared borders housing the advertising, as attested by Microsoft’s tech support reports. This resulted in lower ad revenue for Aisha on many occasions. Said hackers engage in the daily, harassing, malicious practice of deleting items from Aisha’s computers, closing browsers while they are being read, constant Windows OS restarts while Aisha is working, setting restrictive permissions on the computers rendering them incapacitated, disabling right clicking, corrupting Java software, deleting emails as Aisha tries to send them to her international lawyer, clicking on website ads and other unwanted items while Aisha is online, commandeering control of the mouse and freezing the Plaintiff’s computers with a barrage of trojans, malware, viruses and spyware, in bids at delaying daily publishing and attempting to destroy her popular website columns, read by millions, causing them to be late on a regular basis. The computer abuse is a daily occurrence from Madonna.com staff members at Plaintiff’s expense. Their overall, ongoing misconduct has been nothing short of psychopathic and they refuse to stop. 

19. Aisha also filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, in writing on October 17, 2005, retaining a time stamped copy, regarding then resident Madonna’s invasive, copyright infringing conduct, in tandem with London based News Group Newspapers publications, formally accusing them of illegal wiretapping and hacking. The Metropolitan Police opened an investigation the next month and six months later arrested three employees of News Group Newspapers for hacking and wiretapping members of the Royal Family and several entertainers. However, the Metropolitan Police told Plaintiff when she filed the complaint, as she is on American shores, she falls under the FBI’s jurisdiction and unless there are massive financial damages, the Plaintiff should have no faith in the FBI in the case. The Metropolitan Police officer expressed the FBI is not good with such cases and told Plaintiff, “Don’t hold your breath” regarding them. 

20. In August 2009, News Group Newspapers engaged in a perverse tactic Aisha had previously accused Madonna of to the FBI in 2005, regarding unlawfully installing hidden cameras in a victim’s home. News Group Newspapers placed a hidden camera in the home of British singer Kerry Katona, then published items from it to the internet, which constitutes burglary and voyeurism. This same depraved Hollywood celebrity cult tactic was also utilized against Madonna’s labelmate Kid Rock and separately, ESPN anchor Erin Andrews, in a case that has been turned over to the authorities. ESPN is owned by Disney in Burbank, who are frequent visitors to Aisha’s website and did a side deal with Madonna regarding infringing intellectual property and promotional items. Aisha has been facing unrelenting, unwanted contact, copyright theft, death threats, emailed threats of violence, harassing phone calls and hacking, performed by the staff of Madonna’s official site, Madonna.com and Kabbalah, on her instructions, who pass on the daily contents of Aisha’s business computers they hack, to Madonna and her associates, via a private, password access, members only website, illegally bartering items from Aisha’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog and viewing other very invasive items, via a sick illegal feed, in violation of the Civil Rights Act and Constitution. It is a hacker technique known in law enforcement circles, to create private websites, not available to the general public, to sell and trade illegally obtained goods at discounted rates, to a select list of people, only providing usernames and passwords, to those they choose. Select Digilink staff members that work for Madonna.com quietly provide Madonna with such a service. 

21. As a form of commissioned, aggravated harassment and stalking, valuable items from Aisha’s unlawfully copied, preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and separately, illegal, invasive, harassing surveillance items, were criminally turned into articles about Madonna and her affiliates, devaluing them, then placed via payment on the blogs tmz.com, idontlikeyouinthatway.com, dlisted.com, sandrarose.com, bossip.com, theblemish.com, celebslam.com, x17online.com, spalshnews.com, mediatakeout.com, perezhilton.com, New York Daily News, Daily Mail (the Daily Mail reporter), the Sun’s  Bizarre blog, the Village Voice’s “Daily Blabber” and PageSix.com. Madonna dragged internet publishing to an all-time low via this disgraceful conduct. Aisha was also maliciously defamed at the paid request of Madonna, via now disgraced gossip columnists, Roger Friedman and Lloyd Grove, both of whom have been fired from their jobs at Fox News and the New York Daily News, respectively, who she also passed, illegally obtained, invasive information and hacked documents. A computer specialist also found software Trojan/spyware from the New York Daily News on Aisha’s business computer, shortly after Madonna and her publicist Liz Rosenberg, paid Grove to contact Aisha by email and phone, seeking to set her up for a crazy newspaper story, deranged Madonna concocted with her frequently slammed PR person. Both women have since been called liars on a regular basis in the press, for feeding mainstream news outlets false, fabricated and defamatory stories that turned out to be lies. 

22. Kabbalah members are prone to terrible violence and rage. Kabbalah member and Sony Music copyright infringer, Chris Brown and his girlfriend, fellow copyright infringer, Rihanna, got into a vicious physical fight in Los Angeles, their minds having snapped, due to Kabbalah Center brainwashing. The couple viciously beat, bit and kicked each other, until they were bloody, with the fight culminating in Brown attempting to choke Rihanna to death, for physically attacking him, prompting her to scream for help. A resident heard the screams and called 911. Brown fled and was later arrested. He pled guilty to felony assault charges with the judge in the criminal case, issuing a stern restraining order that bars either one of them from contacting or approaching the other.  Kabbalah member and Sony Music copyright infringer, Britney Spears, also attacked one of her own toddlers, biting and shaking him, taking he and her other toddler hostage in a police standoff, resulting in involuntary admittance to a psych ward for Spears and hospitalization for the child. In a separate incident, Spears viciously attacked a photographer with an umbrella. When she was admitted to another psych ward, after shaving her head bald and screaming about being an “anti-Christ” Britney Spears kept psychotically screaming at the staff of the facility, “People can read my mind.” Unbeknownst to Spears, Kabbalah had been insidiously abusing “fMRI” technology via a “Mind Reading DVD” software, adapted by Kabbalah member, Cambridge University professor, Simon Baron Cohen, cousin of Madonna video actor, Sacha Baron Cohen. The technology works by using a hidden camera to film subjects doing everyday activities, then via facial recognition software that interprets facial expressions and eye movements, rendering computer calculated guesses as to what the subject is thinking, based on a database of preprogrammed information. However, Kabbalah has been using said technology to manipulate and abuse people, in achieving their publicly touted goal of, “Inducing schizophrenia.” It was confirmed, a teddy bear with a hidden camera and audio bug was given to Spears as a gift and she did not know of its surreptitious surveillance contents at the time.  Kabbalah, then used the illegal hidden camera feed, by interfacing it with Simon Baron Cohen’s fMRI software and kept contacting Spears via phone, email and text, repeating verbatim, what the computer software guessed she was thinking. This repeated mental abuse, created severe mental illness in Spears, culminating into a public, psychotic meltdown in 2007, carried in thousands of newspapers and magazines around the world. Said conduct by Kabbalah was illegal and done in an attempt to manipulate and control Spears and her money that were later placed under a conservatorship, due to financial thefts. Several members of Kabbalah are felons, such as Chris Brown, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Several members of Kabbalah have also been sent to psych wards on involuntary holds, such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Steve-O. Madonna has been illegally spreading Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog around among members of her cult, such as the aforementioned and her cousin Gwen Stefani, Gwen Paltrow (Goop.com and a line of products), Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Carrie Underwood, Ne-yo, The Dream, Polow Da Don, Keri Hilson, Fergie, Mariah Carey and Usher among others. 

23. The harassment and invasion of privacy against Aisha has grown so severe, Madonna, stole a preexisting copyrighted script through hacking, about Aisha’s homeland Jamaica, when a private investigator that followed Aisha from Miami to Jamaica, then onto London, reported back to Madonna that Aisha had begun filming said script in her homeland. Madonna committed fraud on the island, duplicating Aisha’s script and tried to have it film in Jamaica, but relented when Aisha denounced her in a press release, outing her criminal misconduct, committed in tandem with then husband, Guy Ritchie. In another case, the thefts of Aisha’s preexisting copyrights became very malicious and sick. Lions Gate, a defendant Aisha sued in the 2005, felt so empowered by the FBI’s negligence, in 2007 they went so far as to arrogantly and criminally steal more copyrights from Aisha two years later.  The commercial and critical flop "Good Luck Chuck" was a movie item stolen from Aisha’s copyrights. To be nasty, Lions Gate included Aisha’s name in the preexisting copyrighted movie script they stole from her. Aisha’s preexisting copyright was a wonderful, romantic, fictitious movie treatment she wrote about an affluent man on a dating site and women finding out about it and flocking to him. The later released Lions Gate film "Good Luck Chuck" is about an affluent man, whose profile is posted on a dating site and women flocking to him.  In the infringing film "Good Luck Chuck" they added items not in Aisha’s copyright, such as crass, pornographic sex scenes and a character named ANISHA which is one letter away from the Plaintiff’s real name AISHA. The lead female character in the film, played by Jessica Alba, is named "CAM" which is one of the Plaintiff’s private nicknames, "KAM" short for Plaintiff’s middle name KAMILAH. They are both pronounced the same. To be malicious, Lions Gate started the character ANISHA off as an underage, 8-year-old virgin girl, in a black leather bra, skimpy skirt, black lipstick and goth hairstyle, trying to lose her virginity in a closet with an 8-year-old boy, which never happened to Plaintiff, as she took a Christian vow of chastity until marriage, which she wrote about on her website years ago. The characters then grow up in the movie. Lions Gate turned Aisha’s wholesome, romantic, copyright about a GROWN, affluent man on a dating site and grown women finding out about it and flocking to him, into a depraved, pedophilic, promiscuous piece of pornographic garbage, which is not filmable entertainment. 

24. Madonna then spread her invasive madness to her label affiliate BBC in London where she lived (BBC’s DVDs are distributed by Madonna’s Warner Bros). The BBC is familiar with Aisha’s family, having worked with her dad and aunt. Previously, in 2004, the BBC called Aisha’s dad, renowned musicologist and disc jockey, Vaughn “Bunny” Goodison, in Jamaica over the telephone, for an interview on the passing of his esteemed, lifelong friend and music legend, 72-year-old, Clement Dodd. On another occasion, the BBC telephoned Aisha’s dad for comment on the passing of famous charity worker, 87-year-old, Sister Mary Ignatius Davies, who was also a good friend of the family. These interviews were carried on BBC radio and on their websites. Aisha’s aunt, Jamaica’s award winning, highly rated, poet laureate, Lorna Goodison, had also done pleasant radio and print interviews with the BBC. Therefore, the family had maintained a good relationship with the BBC, but Madonna, driven by ill-will and hatred, resenting the famous arts family, due to Aisha’s very valuable, groundbreaking Copyrighted Catalog she covets and Aisha’s refusal to respond to her correspondences, viciously sponsored a Kabbalah styled case of gross invasion of privacy and copyright infringement, through BBC employees and Kabbalah members, Russell Davies and Billie Piper (Madonna’s protégé), aimed at vindictively targeting and maligning the award winning family. The family at no time did anything to Madonna, Davies or Piper, not knowing any of them, yet acting in concert with Madonna, they began to place items from Aisha’s preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and astonishingly her personal life as well, in his BBC scripts. 

25. Davies infringed Aisha’s copyrights for select episodes of the BBC shows “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” and additionally, included Aisha’s personal, identifying information unique to her, in his scripts. These items were obtained through hacking by the staff of Madonna.com. Davies, who has visited Aisha’s official websites, before and after the misconduct transpired, as attested by Traffic Facts site statistics software, has followed Madonna’s lead and taken broadcasting to an unprecedented low in Britain for the “Children of Earth” five part series on the “Torchwood” program he writes for. The “Children of Earth” broadcast not only includes items from preexisting, protected items from Aisha’s computers, using it for the main storyline of the 5 part miniseries, it also includes Aisha’s mother’s name “MILLIE” as a character, a variation of AISHA’s name in the script as a character named “MISHA”, a look-alike character that is the spitting image of Aisha’s sister, casting the character as a girl who is maliciously exploited and thrown in prison, the name CLEMENT mcDOnalD, a variation of the name CLEMENT DODD, appears in the script as an elderly character (CLEMENT DODD is Aisha’s aforementioned godmother’s husband, who invented reggae music and signed Bob Marley to his first record deal). There is also a character named MR. DEKKER, which is the real name of one of CLEMENT DODD’s legendary, award winning, international reggae recording colleagues and Aisha’s dad’s late friend, MR. DESMOND DEKKER. The CLEMENT and DEKKER names were cast as psychotic, despised, crazy characters running from aliens, which is disrespectful to the memory of the two, real, beloved, legendary Jamaican national heroes in the music field, which the names were distastefully taken from, in a racist manner by Russell Davies and Madonna’s Kabbalah. Other invasive items that infringe Aisha’s preexisting copyrights were included in select episodes of Russell Davies’ show “Doctor Who.”  

26. Most arrogantly, in an episode of “Doctor Who” titled “Sontaran Stratagem” Russell Davies created an unflattering, brainwashed character, with Polish ethnic references, that is a look alike based on the aforementioned Polish, Miami FBI agent, J. Christopher Kaczynski, who interviewed Aisha previously on November 3, 2005. Davies also invasively included in the script, private, verbatim lines about the FBI agent, which Aisha previously wrote in her unpublished, forthcoming copyrighted book about the Madonna human rights abuse case, titled “Justice And Truth” (lines she had also spoken to her mother and separately to a private investigative firm representative from Kroll located on Brickell Avenue in Miami). In the same episode, he included a character that is a writer similar to Aisha, writing about a cult, similar to Kabbalah, exposing them (which Aisha has done to Kabbalah on her site), angering the head of the cult that tampers with the writer’s car (that looks just like Aisha’s real car), causing it to crash into water, drowning her (Aisha’s brother had drowned in real life). It’s bad enough to invade Aisha’s privacy and infringe her copyrights, but to do such an audacious thing to a law enforcement agent, illustrates a flagrant disregard for the law. Using individuals’ names, image, likeness, personal identifying information and protected computer documents, to broadcast on the airwaves, is a sick violation of privacy and of the Right to Publicity. The sum total of said criminal misconduct by Kabbalah’s Russell Davies and co., betrays deep, severe mental illness. To use the airwaves to mock, insult and degrade a family that has done you no harm, whose multi-billion dollar valued Copyrighted Catalog you seek to further criminally exploit in conjunction with another (Madonna), is inexcusable, egregious, depraved and most horrible. In doing so, Davies and co. are also violating the public, who are tuning into said programs, not realizing where he is getting some of his material from. The BBC/Warner Bros programs “Primeval” and “Being Erica” and “Makings of Me” also constitutes criminal copyright infringement of preexisting Aisha copyrights and invasion of privacy, due to how they were procured and purloined.  

27. Other members of Madonna’s Kabbalah such as Sacha Baron Cohen, have been outed using real people for characters in TV shows and movies, such as “Ali G” being based on BBC radio disc jockey Tim Westwood and 2009’s Austrian character “Bruno” being illegally based on Austrian TV personality Alfons Haider. In 2009, Madonna’s partner and Kabbalah member, Jerry Bruckheimer was also sued for perversely basing a defamatory episode of “CSI” on a real live couple that owns a Los Angeles real estate firm, Scott and Melinda Tamkin, with the show using their real names and lives for the broadcast without permission, but defaming them as reckless people participating in sexual bondage, pornography, drunkenness and murder, in similar conduct to what Aisha had formally accused Bruckheimer of in her 2005 lawsuit against Madonna. Another incident of misconduct by a Sony, Kabbalah affiliated, copyright infringing artist, Beyonce, includes reciting Aisha’s preexisting, copyrighted, released lyrics verbatim, word for word, in Vibe magazine and attaching a death threat to it in the publication, as others in her thuggish rap/R&B genre have done to innocent people  (2004’s fictitious “Why Did This Happen To Me” by Aisha, dedicated to AIDS sufferers, contains the lyric, “Sometimes I wanna scream. Sometimes I wanna cry.”). When one arrogantly believes in one’s fame to such degrees, one criminally steals and devalues $850 million in copyrights (songs, music videos and a movie) from an innocent victim and feels cocky enough to issue a death threat in a magazine, it is time for one to retire and be remanded into federal custody. Sony’s Beyonce stated in Vibe magazine in May 2007, “I wanna kill somebody…Sometimes I wanna cry. Sometimes I wanna scream.In another audacious incident, John Miller, who worked in Hollywood, on the instruction of his boss and in conjunction with Brain Grazer, signed up with the William Morris agency and collected significant fees for his employer by using one of Aisha’s preexisting copyrights for a show about the FBI, in criminal violation of the law. Proof of this is not only in Aisha’s copyright that predates the infringement, the real FBI is nothing like the fictitious one Aisha authored in her script, yet it was infringed anyway. When Aisha slammed the misconduct in a widely read article on her website, the show was dropped by 20th Century Fox. 

28 Aisha has also faced housing discrimination, commissioned by Madonna, a tactic previously used by her private investigator, the now incarcerated, Anthony Pellicano (who was free when the misconduct began). Three properties in a row, including Aisha’s home, have been targeted in a massive, commissioned fraud scheme, by Madonna affiliates, the Law Firm of Marshall C. Watson. These criminal acts robbed Aisha of $300,000 in property equity/cash and her life savings, while the FBI sat back and watched. Aisha’s (former) $450,000 home, located at (address redacted online), Miami Shores, Florida, was fraudulently placed in foreclosure by the Law Firm of Marshall C. Watson, through trickery, forcing a deeply discounted fire sale, where Plaintiff lost a significant amount of money. The Law Firm of Marshall C. Watson, on Madonna’s instructions, then stalked Aisha to a second property, one she leased and asked to buy, after being robbed of her previous home through fraud. The Law Firm Of Marshall C. Watson nastily and mockingly served Aisha foreclosure papers again, but on the second home, a house she leased and asked to buy, located at (address redacted online), Miami Shores, Florida, from famous South Florida news anchorwoman, Kelly Mitchell, with the white process server making derisive statements about Aisha’s hair, which the Plaintiff interpreted as a racial slur. Mitchell contacted her lawyer, the bank and then Aisha, presenting documentation to show her mortgage on the home Aisha leased was not in arrears. Fearing a lawsuit and public humiliation, lawyer Marshall C. Watson backed off. Aisha, disgusted by the stalking, moved from the home weeks later. On Madonna’s instructions, the Law Firm of Marshall C. Watson stalked Aisha again to a third property, located at (address redacted online), Miami Shores, Florida, that she leased to own under a detailed legal contract, placing $60,000 in it, that unbeknownst to her, was improperly placed in foreclosure once again by the law firm of Marshall C. Watson. 

29. Madonna also illegally paid three lawyers from three firms Aisha retained, one after another, to harass, terrorize, bully, threaten and spew private details of her life back at her that was obtained via a private investigator resorting to illegal conduct, another now known Anthony Pellicano tactic. The pattern keeps repeating itself, unconstitutionally depriving the targeted Plaintiff of legal representation and housing in violation of the Civil Rights Act. Aisha’s former mortgage holder, Washington Mutual, that has now collapsed due to dirty banking practices that has drawn a federal criminal investigation, has been sued in a separate case, Anna Ramirez v. Washington Mutual, for illegally seizing and maliciously selling her home that was not in arrears, in what the bank is now trying to label an “error” due to bad publicity, though it appears to be malice and grand theft (Miami Herald newspaper, August 19, 2009, “My Bad! Woman’s House Mistakenly Auctioned By Bank”). 

30. Aisha was unlawfully denied access to services citizens are entitled to under the Civil Rights Act, such as equal access to public businesses and services. Due to an entertainment industry blacklist enacted by Madonna, attempting to thwart and destroy Aisha’s career, to steal more of her copyrights, Aisha’s civil rights were violated. Aisha was illegally denied access to South Beach Studios and The Studio Center in Miami, where she had recorded before, without incident. So impressed was the studio manager, he gave her his business card after her first recording session and told her to call back anytime she’d like, to book additional studio hours. Madonna, fearing Aisha’s music would be fully recorded and released, launching her to stardom, called the studio issuing threats that they were not to allow Aisha to book studio time again. Aisha had also struck up a tentative deal with Gibson Guitars at the inception of her career, that would have seen her as a featured artist on their website with touring options with singer Lenny Kravitz (who unbeknownst to Aisha at the time, is a friend of Madonna’s). When Madonna found out, she contacted and threatened Gibson into dropping Aisha and reneging on all they had promised. Madonna, via her staff, also contacted a number of radio stations, websites and publications, threatening them to ban Aisha, who had done her no harm, or she, Madonna, would not work with them in the future. Covetous and overly competitive, Madonna, who has attacked other new singers out of jealousy, despised Aisha as a new writer/singer, for a new generation and became consumed with it, then came after Aisha in a most depraved and sick manner. 

31. After they stole Aisha’s home and money through fraud, making her unable to afford a lawyer to protect her human rights, a former, well known, respected Jamaican Prime Minister that retired from office in good standing, found a lawyer for Aisha in good faith, who began work on the copyright and human rights case. Madonna got wind of it through hacking and invasion of privacy and unconscionably contacted the lawyer’s firm Squire, Sanders And Dempsey, making vile threats regarding what she and multi-billion dollar Hollywood would do, if they dared to continue representing Aisha in a legal action against her partners at Sony and Interscope Records, where Madonna had illegally spread Plaintiff’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog. Madonna threatened that Hollywood would boycott the firm and they would lose many millions in legal fees, blacklisted, never to gain employment in Hollywood. The lawyer caved into her threats and her demands that they verbally abuse Aisha in the exact same manner that she, Madonna, has been doing through Kabbalah members and others and they complied. To show the sick levels of interference in Aisha’s life, Madonna was not apart of the legal action being pursued against Sony and Interscope; yet she interjected herself into the proceedings, in a manner betraying her deep rooted mental illness and complete obsession with all things concerning Aisha. Madonna and her associates have dozens of lawyers at their disposal, yet she begrudged Aisha one attorney to protect her human rights, property and life, in the face of what are severe violations of all existing human rights laws and international charters. This conduct transpired behind the Prime Minister’s back and that of Aisha’s dad. The lawyer, upon questioning in a conference call with Aisha and her dad, admitted to Aisha’s dad that he was very “harsh” with her, while she had shown him no disrespect or ill will. Aisha and her dad decided to walk away from the firm at that point. The law firm’s abusive conduct on Madonna’s behalf, greatly contributed to Aisha’s brain hemorrhage that could have killed her, happening shortly after this incident. Madonna’s conduct in unlawfully running interference and depriving Aisha of legal representation, was a blatant violation of the Civil Rights Act, in criminally denying Aisha access to services all citizens are entitled to under the law and it also constitutes witness tampering. 

32. These repeated illegal acts targeting Aisha were witnessed by the FBI, who were sent updates by certified mail, which they acknowledged receiving, but did nothing to stop the criminal violations of the Civil Rights Act and U.S.Code, much like they sat back and let the 2008 mortgage crisis sweep America, costing millions their homes, even though documents and testimony from FBI agent Chris Swecker, later revealed the FBI was informed of the impending problem in 2004, which was enough time to stop it before it occurred and decimated a segment of economy. It is this same silence from the FBI, who once again knew 10 years in advance, yet allowed the Bernard Madoff and R. Allen Stanford financial fraud cases to inflict extensive damage on innocent, hardworking citizens, who also lost their homes and life savings. Had the FBI acted sooner, billions of dollars in investor money could have been saved. Even the Plaintiff warned through her frequently copyrighted columns, JudiciaryReport.com and SoundOffColumn.com, of impending financial disaster in America, years before it happened, and the FBI and DOJ, who read her websites on a regular basis, as attested by Traffic Facts site visitor software, failed to heed the warnings. 

33. The evidence in the case is clear, concise and speaks volumes. It is undeniable, crimes are being committed against Plaintiff that the FBI is Constitutionally and jurisdictionally obligated to stop and pursue a course of action that would lead to legal justice. For four years, they have not and it caused Aisha great injury and extensive damage, with two aforementioned FBI employees greatly contributing to the malfeasance that destroyed Aisha’s health and nearly claimed her life.  

34. Furthermore, how would the FBI explain away all the concrete evidence in the case, illustrating blatant crimes being committed against Aisha, such as the fact the hacks into Aisha’s computers to steal copyrights have been digitally and irrefutably traced back to the staff of Madonna.com. Madonna’s famous producers, affiliates and friends contacting Aisha online, by phone and in person. Her business partner, Sony, contacting Aisha repeatedly via email, inviting her to their company, sending her a gift by mail containing spyware, then proceeding to commit criminal copyright infringement, unlawfully using years old, preexisting copyrights belonging to Aisha. Members of Madonna’s Miami Kabbalah Center arrogantly stalking Aisha’s on a weekly basis, approaching her and getting caught on camera. The revelation that members of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center trespassed at Aisha’s home, unlawfully gaining access to Aisha’s house, pretending to be AT&T and Direct TV technicians the companies later claimed no knowledge of dispatching. 

35. The staff of Madonna.com sending thousands of harassing and spam emails to Aisha’s website, waging a DDOS attack, leaving an irrefutable digital trail of evidence. Members of Madonna’s staff offering some of Aisha’s friends money if they harass her. A member of the staff of Madonna.com emailing Aisha pretending to be FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, while another member of Madonna’s Miami Kabbalah Center, called Aisha’s unlisted home number pretending to be the Miami Shores Police Department, speaking about a burglary they could only have known about if they had committed it. A member of Madonna’s Miami Kabbalah center tampered with Aisha’s car, as was also done to illegally wiretapped, Los Angeles Times columnist, Anita Busch, in a harassment tactic attributed to Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. A member of Madonna’s Miami Kabbalah Center stole a copy of preexisting, copyrighted CD-ROMs during a break-in to Aisha’s home recording studio, reported to the Miami Shores Police, that Madonna later infringed, with said member also tampering with the electrical system in Aisha’s home during the break-in, as certified by a FEMA representative and separately two electricians. A staff member of Madonna.com committed $2000 in identity theft using Aisha’s Visa debit card, done via hacking, which the FBI’s Minneapolis office stated they are investigating, among other things. After Aisha was released from the hospital, trying to recover from the aforementioned brain hemorrhage, Madonna through a third party, T Jeszen-Sky, illegally bought one of Aisha’s domain names (royalmonarchy.com), in violation of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ($100,000 penalty for violations) belonging to a preexisting, copyrighted movie script Aisha authored years ago, which Madonna has illegally used.  Madonna has set the nation back 400 years in the area of human rights via her conduct. Prior to this case, Aisha was a vibrant, healthy business owner with no preexisting health problems, launching a business rich in assets, valued at billions, which made her a target of covetous Madonna and her associates, who have an extensive legal history of copyright and financial theft. The inhumane, dehumanizing situation the FBI left Aisha in, failing to restrain their employees, Laura Emillier and aforementioned agent, in addition to Madonna and her associates, destroyed her health, well-being, finances and greatly damaged her company and career. The FBI’s conduct has caused great injury to Aisha in violation of 15. 5 U.S.C. § 552 and the Civil Rights Act. 

Submitted by Aisha Goodison (pro se):___________________ Date:  August 31, 2009  



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