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NOTE: Please pardon the inconvenience, but the commissioned hacker from the copyright infringement case click here has been hacking this article and trying to turn it into gibberish, to prevent you from reading it, evidenced by the fact that the local copy of the site is correct while the online copy is not. It further exhibits the level of dishonesty and illegality they are working under. I will continue to replace the page when necessary.

The FBI Are Copyright Infringers

August 9, 2007 

FBI Director the corrupt Robert Mueller

UPDATE: Shortly after this article was published, Fox dropped the show before it aired.

In a move that will surprise and disappoint some, it appears the FBI are copyright infringers. A year ago I copyrighted a film called “FBI.” In addition to that project, prior to that, in 2003, 2004 and 2005, I copyrighted several real time, character driven type projects about the FBI.

Yesterday, August 8, 2007, The FBI announced its involvement in a show called THE FBI that bears striking similarities to my older copyrights.  

My copyright from a year ago is about a lead character FBI agent named Jeff. The new project the FBI and Imagine/Disney announced yesterday is about a lead character FBI agent named John.

The FBI apparently pitched the infringing script as well, to a company, Imagine/Disney that is a defendant in the 2005 copyright infringement lawsuit I filed click here for which I also filed a complaint with the FBI in 2005.  

My copyright from a year ago is about a real time, modern, character driven FBI, unlike anything that has been done before, with an emphasis on technology, cyber crime and intelligence. The new project the FBI and Imagine/Disney announced yesterday is about the EXACT SAME THING. Only I already copyrighted mine long before the knock off announced yesterday.  

The FBI is also in possession of copies of my Copyrighted Catalog. I filed a formal complaint with the FBI in September of 2005 regarding Madonna and her cohorts in Hollywood willfully infringing my years old Copyrighted Catalog containing 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line. 

When Robert Mueller, head of the FBI, shirked his duties regarding the formal complaint I sent, as he was also found to have done in the Mark Foley scandal, for which the press condemned the FBI, I called the local Miami FBI to enquire about what happened to the complaint I sent Mueller that delivery confirmation recorded Mueller’s office signing for click here.  

The Miami FBI asked me for a copy of my copyrights so they could “compare them” to the infringing works Madonna and her cronies in Hollywood illegally made from them. I complied and gave it to them.

I further mailed two additional packages via tracked mail that the Miami FBI signed for, regarding newer infringements Madonna continued to commit and what copyrights of mine they came from by the copyright office registration number/certificates.

I have the mailing receipts and other irrefutable proof regarding this as well. And I challenge them to refute it. I have all the records and proof to prove it.  

I was interviewed by two Miami FBI agents regarding the case – agent J. Christopher Kapcyznski on Thursday November 3, 2005, at the Miami FBI Field Office located at 16320 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33169 and agent Cathy Mary Koontz on Monday, November 7, 2005.   

Not to mention, the DOJ/FBI are regular visitors to my web sites racking up thousands of web hits according to the site statistics. Taking into consideration what’s been happening and what’s just happened yesterday, it doesn’t look good on the agency.  

The FBI has agents – no, not just that kind. They now have talent agents. The FBI is being represented by the William Morris Agency in this bizarre, disgraceful deal.  

Have you ever heard of such a thing. A law enforcement agency being repped by a talent agency. What a circus. I can’t get my head around that one.  

I wonder if they realize how messed up, vain, debasing and superficial it looks. It also gives the impression that you are more interested in your proverbial close up than catching terrorists, to knowingly be apart of a fictional infringing TV show, at a time the nation is in crisis and neck deep in terrorist threats. It shows where your priorities are to your shame and your agenda as well. How crooked. 

If I were head of state in any country and the primary law enforcement agency decided they were going to do a fictional TV show that wasn’t Cops which actually catches criminals, I would tear them a new one.  

Because that’s not what they’re supposed to be there for. That’s not what the taxpayers pay their salaries for. It’s a law enforcement agency, not a talent agency, not a film production company or a circus. It is disgraceful.   

Since I reported the criminal copyright infringement and civil rights violation case to the FBI in 2005, they have dragged their feet, in clear site of many, allowing Madonna and her cohorts in Hollywood to continue to steal from 20 plus years of my labor that is my Copyrighted Catalog, though they were properly and formally informed of the ongoing infringements and violations on four occasions.  

This incident makes it abundantly clear that the FBI would rather see 20 years of my labor illegally go to Hollywood, than me, who actually wrote it, which is sick on so many levels it defies comprehension.

However, it is standard Robert Mueller corruption. I am not the only member of the public he has done corrupt things of this nature to, which constitutes fraud.   

So many people in the domestic and international community keep asking why the FBI is allowing her to continue to do these things, that they themselves witnessed with their own eyes as well. Private investigators I spoke to kept asking, “Why didn’t the FBI remove the (illegal) wiretaps?” 

Well, this latest development illustrates they had their reasons, motivated by self-interest, for letting the criminal mischief in the case continue, now didn’t they. 

This is why I have been so critical of the FBI on my sites since last summer. They know of the terrible infringements that are defrauding me and the severity of the human rights abuses that are being committed in this case, that many have witnessed, the same type present in the Anthony Pellicano case, who is Madonna’s lawyer’s private investigator, in violation of the US Code and Constitution, the law of the land, but opt to look the other way.   

This latest incident of criminal copyright infringement regarding this new FBI project is the final piece of the puzzle as to why they did it, and have been criminally negligent in pursuing this case, where there is so much overwhelming, concrete evidence, a lot of which has been witnessed by the public as it happened, that it is undeniable what’s transpired.  

Then again, any law enforcement agency that can frame 4 innocent men for murder with a judge and the press now slamming the agency’s conduct, look the other way to a grown man who is an elected official sexually harassing underage boys in Congress of all places, is beyond redemption. How treacherous and corrupt can one law enforcement agency get.  

Recently, a judge referred to the FBI’s conduct in their above-mentioned frame up of the four innocent men, who wrongfully spent decades in jail, two of them dying there, as, “Intentional misconduct, subornation of perjury, conspiracy, the framing of innocent men. The FBI's conduct was intentional, it was outrageous, it caused plaintiffs immeasurable and unbearable pain and the FBI must be held accountable”  

I hope all you who read the site and link it, see for yourselves firsthand what the FBI is really like and what you are truly dealing with. They are not to be trusted. They are treacherous and corrupt.  

The things I have written about them have proven to be true one by one, from the Patriot Act abuses that I was the first to break in an article in my December 2006 internet based Sound Off Column, which inspector general Glenn Fine later found to be true, 3 months later and was made public in his report to Congress in March 2007 -  to items about the taxpayer fund wasting FBI computer system that has yet to surface and when it does, will be 3 years, 5 years behind technology.  

This latest incident, along with the proof and infringement comparisons, will be duly noted in my book Justice and Truth and will be in the film of the same name as well.  

This incident is also reminiscent of one I wrote about on July 2 2007, where Madonna's Maverick Films criminally stole a movie treatment from my Copyrighted Catalog and turned it into an odd television show called The RICHES. My movie synopsis copyrighted 3 years ago is about a crooked man that goes to live in suburbia with a family called The RICHS. Madonna’s company’s 2007 rip off show is about a crooked family named the RICHES, who move to suburbia.

I am asking you to boycott both infringing shows, “The FBI” and “The Riches.” Thank you.

Fox, Imagine on 'FBI' case

By Nellie Andreeva 

Aug 8, 2007

After exploring the world of the CIA with "24," Fox and Imagine Television have teamed for a new drama about the FBI, which has received a series commitment from the network. 

Tentatively titled "The FBI," the series is a pet project of Imagine Entertainment principal Brian Grazer, who personally pitched it to Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly. It is being done with the cooperation of the FBI, including permission to use the agency's name in the title. 

"We were looking to find someone that would do an FBI show based on real events, cases and characters that looked a little bit more like the real FBI than the shows that are on now, because reality is a lot more interesting than fiction," said John Miller, assistant director public affairs at the FBI and former ABC newsman. 

"We sought to reverse-engineer the process -- to start with what the FBI really does as opposed to people coming up with an interesting television show and hammering us into it," Miller said. 

He met with a number of producers until hitting it off with Grazer, who had been thinking about doing a series about public servants who put their lives on the line since producing the 1991 firefighter feature "Backdraft." 

Unlike "24," "FBI" will not be serialized, Grazer said. "It will be strongly character driven, and the procedural part of it will be secondary to the characters," he said. "While '24' is heightened reality, this would be realistic series that would have the intensity and realism of a Ridley Scott movie." 

Taylor, who toured the FBI facilities and poured through cases, is executive producing with Grazer and David Nevins. 20th Century Fox TV is producing. 

Taylor and the FBI are repped by WMA. 




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