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FBI Blames NYPD For Botched Terror Bust

September 24. 2009

Video: Complaint: NYPD Misstepped in Terror Probe The Associated Press


The FBI is blaming the New York Police Department for a poorly handled terrorism bust, which forced the Bureau to move in on a group of suspects, earlier in their timeline than scheduled.

FBI Director Robert Mueller and Senator Patrick Leahy

It is being claimed, the NYPD questioned an Imam, who was a Muslim informant and he tipped off the main suspect, who tried to flee, forcing the FBI to raid residences in New York, sooner than planned.

Najibullah Zazi

The Judiciary Report would like to know, why the FBI had alleged terror plotters roaming around among civilians, for such a long period of time, before arresting them.

What if their alleged plan had deviated and a lone surveillance target initiated a bombing on his own, wiping out scores of innocent people. What would you have told the public, then.

Najibullah Zazi

These investigations are very poorly handled and pose a great danger to the public. The FBI is playing with fire using behavioral scientists and analysts to guess what these alleged criminals will do next.

There is no perfect science to guessing the minds of crazy people. They are ruled by impulses that often go beyond the realm and understanding of socio-science. 

Side Bar: there was a news report stating Zazi and co. planned to blow up fashion week. The Judiciary Report speaks for women everywhere in stating, Zazi should get life in prison without the possibility of parole, for plotting to blow up all those designer clothes. What was he thinking! Acts of terrorism against designer clothes will not be tolerated. 



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