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FBI Computer System In Trouble Again

December 22. 2008

FBI director Robert Mueller looking dazed and confused

Wow, after all the admonishments and scathing articles, the FBI’s computer system is “late and over budget” again. I first wrote about it in June 2006 and July 2006 (and several times after that as well), suggesting an alternative to the long, financially unwise way they were attacking the problem.

They would have had a system up and running in 1 month, following the method I suggested online and at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers.

However, believing they make Bill Gates and Steve Jobs look computer illiterate, they did it their way and the problem has wasted even more taxpayer money than before.

So far $1 billion in taxpayer money has been used, much of it misappropriated and the FBI still has no real computer system (or proper receipts).

From the time the project was started to when it is estimated it will be completed, the FBI's computer system and software will be behind technology.

One of the DOJ/FBI's many visits to this website:

FBI computer system: late and over budget

WASHINGTON (AP) — An FBI computer system to manage investigative case files will be finished late and over budget, a Justice Department audit reported Friday.

Three years ago, the FBI scrapped a botched $170 million project to build a paperless case management system. Now, the Justice Department's inspector general is raising concerns about the FBI's new system, dubbed Sentinel, over whether its construction is being properly supervised.

Originally, Sentinel was expected to cost $425 million and be completed by December 2009. The inspector general's audit reported Friday that it will now cost $451 million and be finished by June 2010.

* The report can be found at: http://www.usdoj.gov/oig/reports/FBI/a0905/final.pdf




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