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FBI In Trouble Over Anthrax Case

August 6. 2008

FBI headquarters has once again let the American people down. Just last week I wrote that the public would continue to find out terrible things about FBI Headquarters in what they are hiding from you, and after a while have no choice but to close the agency and start with something new, as the current model has failed too many times in very serious cases. FBI headquarters' criminal negligence has cost so many families everything.

This week the FBI is under fire for its poor handling of the worst bio-terror attack on U.S. soil in the Anthrax letters case that occurred in Florida. First, they accused the wrong person, who sued them and won $6 million dollars for defamation and distress.

Then they found another suspect, Bruce Ivins, a man who was right under their noses working for years as a government scientist in the U.S. Army base Fort Detrick in Maryland.

The FBI sat on this case for seven years, waiting so long that the main suspect, Ivins, killed himself, denying families of the victims he allegedly killed, the opportunity to see justice served in a court of law. Congress is criticizing Mueller over the case, "Members of Congress have demanded that Mueller explain why the case remained unsolved for so long" (link).

Robert Mueller

The FBI are also being accused of acting improperly towards the accused scientist's family, in stalking them, offering the man's son "2.5 million" and "a sports car" to rat him out, while confronting his daughter with photos of the deceased Anthrax victims.

That was harassment. I am all for catching criminals, but not like that. When you cause innocent people heartache and distress, that is wrong.

The FBI is being roundly condemned in many, and I do mean many papers for their inefficient, lackadaisical, sloppy, criminally negligent investigation into this terrible case.

The fact of the matter is, if the evidence the FBI has is to be believed, Bruce Ivins should have been brought in long ago and not allowed to roam the streets among innocent people.

What if he'd flipped out and spontaneously murdered a slew of people, before the FBI agent trailing him had a chance to stop him. The man had already allegedly murdered 5 people and injured 17 more.

Why did FBI headquarters think it was a good idea to leave someone out in the public, who by their own descriptions released today was, "A schizophrenic, psychopathic person." The FBI endangered the public once again via criminal negligence.

Robert Mueller

But this was to be expected of FBI headquarters, helmed by the thoroughly corrupt George Bush appointee Robert Mueller, who routinely gives FBI field offices and agents corrupt, questionable instructions that commonly ends in disaster. How much failure do you intend to rack up before you leave the agency in shame.

His attitude towards serious cases he can’t be bothered to solve is do nothing, wait in a criminally neglect fashion until a.) the Defendant murders the Plaintiff  b.) until the Defendant kills themself – then case closed.

As much as FBI headquarters loves to tell you it’s changed, that’s a crock. They did the same to Martin Luther King jr during the civil rights era, in doing absolutely nothing in the way of crime prevention, though an innocent man’s life was in jeopardy. But as the Bible says, “The stone the builder’s rejected as worthless turned out to be the most important one." The FBI has never been able to wash away public scorn and condemnation regarding how they treated King.

This Anthrax case is another black mark on the agency regarding its "do nothing" policy. Look how much evidence the agency has been sitting on, from emails showing misconduct to a matching flask containing the same strain of anthrax that killed the victims. They had probable cause to arrest him long ago, but didn't. The FBI sat there and let the victims' families suffer for years.

More and more, incidents are coming out of American citizens having to hire their own investigators to solve cases the FBI is dragging their feet on, causing victims incalculable personal, financial and professional loss. How is it right or legal that Mueller does this. When criminals see the FBI taking years to bring charges, they view it as clearance to do even worse to the public, believing they will never be brought to justice.

As a victim of crime the FBI allowed to suffer two attempted murder incidents, 10 minutes away from the Miami FBI's office, that were it not for the grace of God, would have claimed my life, at the hands of an individual the FBI knows has been commissioning crimes in violation of U.S. federal law, I know all too well how they fail victims. They don't care.

My family and I were left to suffer unspeakably wicked human rights abuses and lost a fortune in assets, because of Robert Mueller, who violated FBI rules and the Constitution at our expense. I'm sure the several hundred thousand people per month that read my websites would love to know why you've knowingly allowed such terrible, vicious, human rights abuses, reminiscent of slavery, to continually transpire against an innocent, black immigrant family, when it was in your power to stop it. People from just about every major government in the world, many international and domestic law enforcement agencies and just about every walk of life, have been reading about your conduct. Therefore, what would you say to them as to why you've disgraced the Constitution and the FBI.

This is a warning to people domestically and internationally, you’d do well to be very careful of Robert Mueller. He betrays innocent victims all the time. You cannot take him at face value, as the FBI has a preset agenda delegated by him at headquarters in Washington, where justice is often not the goal. Budgetary funding and money is the order of the day, therefore certain crimes are not in his best interest to prevent or solve.

FBI headquarters let 9/11 happen, by stonewalling their own FBI agents, when the agency could have prevented it. This is one of many shameful instances illustrating the severity of the criminal negligence that exists at headquarters.

FBI headquarters (why is it so close to the street)

They will let terrible cases get to boiling point and beyond, before they give their agents clearance to do anything, and usually by then it's too late. Do not trust him, and do not expect him to do the right thing, as the agency via his instruction, is so steeped in corruption and bureaucracy, that despite some agents best efforts, justice is continually thwarted.

Mueller is after all the same man president Bush used to spy on Americans in violation of the Patriot Act in a story I broke first. They do not work on behalf of Americans or world citizens. They work on behalf of the president’s interests, however corrupt they may be, and for rich and famous American corporations.

This criminal negligence is going to lead to another 9/11 if Congress does not intervene and overhaul the agency, as they are still doing the very things they did when said terrible terrorist attack happened.

Anthrax widow's lawsuit blames US for death

By CURT ANDERSON – 6 hours ago

MIAMI (AP) — The widow of a tabloid photo editor who died in the 2001 anthrax attacks insisted in a $50 million federal lawsuit filed years ago that the U.S. government was ultimately responsible for his death.

Now that the FBI is pinning the blame on government scientist Bruce Ivins, the lawsuit brought by Maureen Stevens looks positively clairvoyant. And results of the FBI investigation could have a major effect on the outcome of her case.

"We were right all along," Patrick Hogan, the son-in-law of Maureen and the late Robert Stevens, said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "It seems to me it's pretty much a slam dunk."

Two years later, Maureen Stevens filed her lawsuit. In it, she claims the U.S. government was negligent because it failed to safeguard strains of the deadly anthrax bacteria at the U.S. Army disease research center at Fort Detrick, Md...

He noted that another scientist wrongly implicated by the FBI in the plot, Steven Hatfill, recently was paid $5.8 million to settle his lawsuit against the Justice Department.

"It's been a long road for this family," Schuler said. "I hope somebody who has some authority will call us and make it right with this family."


FBI used aggressive tactics in anthrax probe

In the current case, Ivins complained privately that FBI agents had offered his son, Andy, $2.5 million, plus "the sports car of his choice" late last year if he would turn over evidence implicating his father in the anthrax attacks, according to a former U.S. scientist who described himself as a friend of Ivins.

Ivins also said the FBI confronted Ivins' daughter, Amanda, with photographs of victims of the anthrax attacks and told her, "This is what your father did," according to the scientist, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because their conversation was confidential.

The scientist said Ivins was angered by the FBI's alleged actions, which he said included following Ivins' family on shopping trips.




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