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FBI Supervisors To FBI Director: We Want You Gone

May 21. 2011

Barack Obama

Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama, announced he is seeking to extend the 10-year term of inept, failure prone FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller. Congress established a 10-year term limit on the post, due to the terrible and egregious criminal abuses committed by former FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, who is disgracefully credited with terrorizing civil rights hero, Martin Luther King Jr. and according to former agents, commissioning his murder.

Hoover used illegal spying on innocent people, via abusive wiretaps, audio bugging of homes and offices and delving into financial records, to blackmail Congress and the White House, keeping them under his thumb. He knew all their secrets and would publicly use it if they tried to replace him at the FBI. As such, an unrepentantly evil Hoover held the post until he died (and presumably descended into hell).  

Obama is seeking a two year extension for Mueller, a man that has violated the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code for the President, in illegally spying on political enemies, rivals and outspoken critics, giving him the contents of their phone calls, emails, computers, daily movements and financial holdings.

Obama is very grateful and wants to repay him with an extended term, which spits on the Congressional term limit that was appropriately put in place. According to the mainstream press, Congress is expected to approve the extension of Mueller's term, which will please Obama, as the illegal spying to gain a political advantage, can continue.

However, some press outlets are reporting FBI supervisors are not happy with the news and want Mueller gone from the agency. Mueller is known for his abusiveness at the agency, in conduct which extends to unlawfully retaliating against FBI employees that are whistleblowers. Additionally, if one does not kiss Mueller's overrated, power mad backside at the FBI, one is out of a job. 

Robert S. Mueller

FBI supervisors are calling President Obama a "hypocrite" for keeping Mueller on beyond the term limit. Furthermore, what's the sense of the law, if people consistently seek to flout it from elected and federally appointed posts. It sets a bad example to the watching nation and world.

FBI supervisors and agents are upset that Obama did not seek their opinions before making this rash and damaging decision, especially in a way that would not leave them open to retaliatory abuse from Mueller, which he is famous for in law enforcement circles.

A few quotes reveal the mood at the FBI over the President's presumption self-serving decision, "'People are up in arms about this,' said one agent, who likened the news to 'a shot in the kneecaps.' 'We have lost valuable experience' the agent said. 'I’ve seen people, some really significant contributors to this organization and to this country, who are questioning their self-worth now and who are basically bitter.'"

Yea, one would be bitter when a corrupt FBI Director routinely demands they break the law, illegally spy on innocent Americans and foreign citizens in perverse ways, rough up conscientious objectors that peacefully denounce the wars in the Middle East and cover up a nasty case, where Mueller cost many innocent people their lives. 

If you ask me, Mueller is using what he has over Obama to stay in that job for the rest of his life, much like Hoover did to other U.S. Presidents and members of Congress. It was all smiles for the cameras, but behind closed doors, people despised his dirty practices and wanted him gone. History is repeating itself. 


FBI supervisors angered over plan to extend Mueller term 

3:29 pm on May 20, 2011 - ... FBI supervisors working under Mueller get treated far differently — and are now loudly objecting to what they see as Obama administration hypocrisy: President Obama’s plan to keep FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III in office beyond his 10-year term has triggered an angry reaction among some agents, who say Mueller imposed term limits on hundreds of supervisors in the agency but is failing to abide by legal limits set on his own tenure. …

FBI officials say the term limits have brought strong managers into hundreds of positions created in the years after Sept. 11. But the plan to retain Mueller has revived long-simmering tensions over the policy, which some say has robbed the bureau of veteran supervisors who retired because they did not get promoted. …

“People are up in arms about this,’’ said one agent, who likened the news to “a shot in the kneecaps.’’“We have lost valuable experience,’’ the agent said. “I’ve seen people, some really significant contributors to this organization and to this country, who are questioning their self-worth now and who are basically bitter.’’...




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