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How Did Russia Meddle In The U.S. Election But Barack Obama Jumping Into The French Vote Not A Crime

Blazing Hypocrisy

June 2. 2017

Barack Obama 

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, openly denounced candidate, Hillary Clinton, in favor of her rival, Donald Trump. Putin's conduct is not illegal, as it is covered by free speech. Former U.S. president, Barack Obama, denounced French candidate, Marine Le Pen (endorsed by Putin) in favor of the man he endorsed, Emmanuel Macron. Last month, Macron ended up winning the French presidency, due to support he enjoys in France, well prior to Obama's endorsement.

Vladimir Putin

Let's be real, Obama endorsed Clinton and broke scores of U.S. laws in trying to help her get elected, including illegally spying on Trump, among other things, in criminal violation of his oath of office. Therefore, how is it Putin tampered in the U.S. election, but Obama didn't tamper in the French one. A bit of a double standard there. At the end of the day, politicians are people who have a right to free speech and can endorse whomever they choose. Neither Putin or Obama broke the law in voicing their support for  candidates in foreign elections.


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