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Hurricane Harvey Creates Unprecedented Damage In Texas (Video)

August 31. 2017

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas this past Friday near the city of Rockport. However, the brunt of the damage occurred when Harvey unleashed torrential rains on Houston, covering the sprawling city with water. As of today, 39 people have died. The flooding has created hazards such as infection from waterborne diseases. Alligators, rattlesnakes and fire ants also occupy the flood waters people are wading through to get to safety. There is also an increased risk of contracting airborne diseases, due to sanitation issues and close quarters at shelters.

The flood waters people are struggling through in attempts to get to safety contain toxins. Over 100,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Countless business have been flooded out. Hundreds of thousands of people have been rendered homeless. Hundreds of thousands of people who are still in their homes have lost electricity. Over 135,000 people have lost access to water.

Harvey has impacted the gas supply as well. A large plant in Texas was forced to close its gas pipelines, due to intense flooding from the hurricane. A chemical plant also erupted in flames, after an explosion, as the facility was flooded and back-up power sources expired.

Houston has no engineer mechanisms to direct water out of the area, as seen in London, England, regarding gargantuan metal plates that protect the British city from flooding. There are many low laying areas of Houston that are vulnerable to flooding, as with New Orleans, Louisiana that suffered catastrophic loss of life and property damage in 2005's hurricane Katrina. In fact, Harvey has surpassed Katrina in financial losses due to property damage from heavy flooding.

Over a month ago, the Judiciary Report wrote about the dangers of costal building. America is in trouble due to rising water levels after heavy rains. The nation also has very active fault lines, which in tandem with flooding are a catastrophic disaster waiting to happen.

Some have been very critical of people during the crisis, standing on the sidelines looking for anything to criticize. CNN and others slammed Houston's Mayor for not evacuating the city before the hurricane. However, it was not until Saturday that the general public was truly informed "historic flooding" would happen in Houston, a city of 6,500,000 people. During hurricane Rita in 2005, people died on the highway as they tried to evacuate Houston, as the sheer number of people who attempted to leave the city created a traffic jam that lasted for days.

First Lady Melania Trump was criticized by some for wearing high heels during an official visit to Texas this week to console hurricane victims. People have drowned and many have lost their homes. There are more important things to be focusing on at this time than the First Lady's shoes. Even in the face of such tragedy, some can't contain their hatred for the Trump administration.

Pastor Joel Osteen was attacked online by hateful, rage filled atheists looking for anything spiritual to pick on, slamming him for not opening his massive church Lakewood as a shelter. How do you walk around with so much hatred and rage in your heart that you are swearing at a preacher on social networking, like a cowardly keyboard warrior.

Osteen made an appearance on television and stated the church is unsafe as a shelter due to the fact areas of the building has flooding problems (water is coming up under the church, as seen in pictures on morning television in America). Why would city officials turn a church with water damage into a shelter. That is unsafe. Osteen also stated city officials in Texas designated his church a distribution center for hurricane supplies. Many have dropped off supplies at the church.

Some people are just looking for things to pick on. I've even read items online where people who gave nothing and are sitting behind their keyboards, criticized how much others gave in donations, especially high profile figures. Some of you are just arguing for the sake of arguing. There is so much hostility and incivility from some people online.

How is your contention and criticism going to help the people of Texas. The people plucked out of the flood waters in Houston, who have lost all their material possessions and worst of all, some even lost their family members, have a better attitude than the keyboard warriors on social network who are not even involved in the tragedy.

My condolences to the families and friends of the people who died in hurricane Harvey.


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