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IRS Employees Throw Their Bosses Under The Bus Stating Discriminatory Practices Against Journalists And Conservatives Came Directly From Washington

And The Judiciary Report Totally Believes Them

June 3. 2013 

Yesterday, IRS employees at the center of the current scandal for targeting journalists and conservatives stated their orders came right from the very top - Washington. The Judiciary Report already knew this, as when the site broke the story in 2009, my contact informed me the FBI and White House are behind the targeting, having set the agenda at the IRS (Congressional Senator Confirms The IRS Politically Targeted Conservatives Just As The Site Stated).

Regrettably, I fell under almost all the categories for targeting in this initiative - an indie journalist/blogger, outspoken critic of the government and a conservative. So, in short, I was screwed. As a result, my mom and I were audited three years in a row. Hence me breaking the story online in 2009 out of offense and anger at what had begun, because when I get upset, I write to get it off my chest, as I don‘t believe in violence.

As stated previously, the IRS retracted all their allegations against my mom and I several months ago and said we should not have a problem in the future. However, Congress needs to go after the big dogs in Washington who did this, as it cost many people time, money, productivity and caused distress and offense. People were being discriminated against and harassed for their political and religious beliefs.


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