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Is Russia Really To Blame For Hillary Clinton Losing The 2016 Presidential Election

December 31. 2016

Hillary Clinton

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her government supporters, such as Barack Obama, have been playing the blame game over her loss. Obama was so confident Clinton would win the U.S. presidency, he took a house right down the street from the White House, to have an unlawful, unofficial third term in office, dictating his questionable policies.

Obama was going to run roughshod over Clinton had she been elected. Obama’s even trying to do that to President-elect Donald Trump, being stubborn in relinquishing the presidency (claiming he is being “forced out”) and trying to dictate what should happen during his successor’s tenure. Obama even hired repairmen to install a full office in the house he rented from a Clinton advisor, which once again, is right down the street from the White House. Obama needs to let go. He does not own the presidency or America.

It is a character flaw that he is ungraciously trying to dig his claws in and having that much difficulty stepping down. Something is wrong.
Clinton and Obama have taken to blaming Russia for her loss, claiming they interfered in the U.S. election, costing Hillary (and Obama, LOL) the White House, but no proof has been presented to support said unsubstantiated claims.

Russia hacked the DNC and obtained emails revealing Clinton had rigged the primaries, depriving true winner, Bernie Sanders, of the nomination. The emails were posted by Julian Assange’s whistleblower website Wikileaks. However, the press reported Assange received the emails from a disgruntled Democrat, in Clinton’s own political party, not a Russian source.

If Clinton and select DNC cronies were not engaging in unlawful, unethical, racist, insulting behavior in those emails, they would not have had to worry about them becoming public. People saw the emails and turned on Clinton over her bad behavior. How is that Russia’s fault. Did Russia force Clinton and her cronies to rig the primaries, tick off millions of Sanders supporters by robbing him of his place in history and insult Jews, Hispanics and gays in the private emails? No! That was the choice of select managerial individuals in the DNC. And to think, they are supposed to be tolerant liberals.

Furthermore, Americans are generally not into communism. Americans are raised to dislike communism. Russia did not influence the American masses into voting against Clinton. Her history of corruption, cheating and bribes that was exposed by sites such as Wikileaks, the Guardian Newspaper, Breitbart, Daily Caller, WDN, ZeroHedge, as well as victims of her husband’s sexual harassment and assault, in addition to the Haitian people she stole billions in earthquake charity money from, turned many Americans against Clinton in the election. People found out facts they never knew about Clinton and decided not to vote for her. It’s that simple.

Drudge Report lawfully influenced the U.S. election with a stream of sensational article links that accurately exposed candidate Clinton to voters. The articles were links to established press outlets and completely legal. Drudge and a man he often linked to, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, are among the people who cost Clinton the election by employing the truth. Clinton and Obama are chatting pure crap trying to say it was Russia, a nation that does not have a stronghold on the American public. Though the DNC hacks didn’t help Clinton with voters, shocked and offended by her terrible behavior.

Obama and Clinton have also been pushing the false narrative that “fake news” from Russia cost Clinton the election. Who would believe said “fake news” articles online anyway, as they were so incredulous and outlandish. One would have to realize they are reading fiction.

And as much as I scour the internet for world news, I didn’t encounter said “fake news” stories before the election. It took Clinton and Obama pointing out the seldom viewed “fake news” stories, after they lost the election, for most people to notice them. Most people did not even know where to find them. Therefore, it was foolish blaming Facebook for “fake news” stories costing Clinton the election, especially after the social networking site compromised their name to endlessly promote her online to their site users.

Even the Russians said they can’t believe Americans would fall for the “fake news” stories, as they were that implausible. The fact of the matter is the majority of Americans did not fall for the “fake news” stories. The “fake news” stories look like satirical clickbait articles. People knew better.

A number of U.S. publications such as Rolling Stone, are not buying what the Obama Administration is shoveling regarding Russia costing Clinton the election. The Obama Administration is insulting people’s intelligence, living in a fairy world, where you make anything up and it automatically becomes reality. People with sense know better. 

Obama’s policies also worked against Clinton. Americans voting for Trump was a huge backlash against Obama’s arrogance in office. Obama repeatedly spit on Christianity and traditional values in office and did so with a damn smirk on his face, basically telling people “I won” the election and there is nothing you can do about his agenda.

Obama should have been humble, middle of the road, conciliatory and not disrespected anyone’s religion. He also arrogantly threatened and tried to damage America’s top ally Britain, trying to settle a score for his dad and uncle from colonial times, which has an entire modern nation across the pond looking at him with scorn. Obama’s conduct was not in America’s best interest or Britain’s for that matter.

After Obama’s radical, obstinate, liberal extremism and haughty , Democrats are paying a massive price for it. Donald Trump is going to undo many things Democrats did and implement his own policies that are in stark contrast to Obama’s agenda.

If I were in office anywhere in this world, I would help poor people, work with both political sides as people can find common ground if they try hard enough, try to enact policies that encompass items that hold the views and hopes of both parties thus giving it a chance to stay as legislation as long as possible, maintain a humble attitude, be conciliatory, not show off like a 5-year-old child each time I got my way, avoid meddling in other nations and not use my post to settle scores and grudges.

In closing, I’ve never seen such a set of sore losers in a political campaign, as I have regarding the Clinton campaign’s management and Obama. They are blaming everyone and thing under the sun but themselves, when they are not blameless or innocent in any regard. They brought this on themselves.


Donald Trump Confirmed President Of The United States By The Electoral College As Democrats Abandon Hillary Clinton



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