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Judge Marcia Cooke

Judge Marcia Cooke (center)


Marcia Cooke's oversight on the case was Judge Stephen Brown, pictured above, who probably didn't read the case either, before signing off on her thoroughly corrupt ruling.

Judge Marcia Cooke - The most crooked judge in the entire judiciary. Appointed by George W. Bush, she has shown wanton negligence in several cases, that has been criticized by the public and professionals alike, in pieces that are available online. The newest judge in the downtown Miami federal courthouse, she has been given cases of serious importance that is making a negative impact on the county's name and the court's credibility in the world.

Her conduct, among others, is the subject of a forthcoming Sonustar film titled "Justice And Truth." Thanks to this dirty judge, I got to see first hand, the sweeping corruption present in the U.S. judicial system, that in my opinion, is the most corrupt in the world, bar none. I call her "Cooke the Crook," as she uses the court system to steal from the poor and give to the rich criminals. This witch is Robin Hood in reverse.

Her ruling contained misapplied law, lies, misspellings, defamation, missing pages, arrogance, nastiness, sarcasm and xenophobic remarks. She threw out the case the same day she got it, that fraud. There's no way she could have read the case and the evidence (300 plus pages of the lawsuit and evidence, plus several CD-ROMS) in the one work day she had it and managed her other cases like Jose Padilla, whose charges this woman is amazingly cutting down. The definition of a crooked judge. Let's cut down his charges and see if he gets out of jail and blows people up?

She is a disgrace to the judiciary and is bar none one of the worst judges in U.S. history. Full stop. The arrogance, insolence and ignorance I witnessed was appalling. Her conduct constituted federal fraud and criminal negligence, which are felonies under U.S. law. For more on this corrupt judge click the following link:




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