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Lindsay Lohan Lied About Why She Missed Court Hearing

May 21. 2010 

Lindsay Lohan

Judge Marsha Revel has ordered a hearing to determine if wayward, one time actress, Lindsay Lohan, has violated the terms of her probation again. Lohan missed a required court hearing yesterday, which left her lawyer struggling to explain her unpredictable and unreliable client.

Lohan flew thousands of miles to Cannes, France, for the Cannes International Film Festival, under the guise of promoting a biopic on former porn star, Linda Lovelace.

She made officials in Cannes look bad, claiming someone stole her passport and she reported it as such, when the authorities have no record of her doing so. Originally the excuse was Icelandic volcanic ash left her stranded in France. Then, the story turned into someone stole her passport.

The Judiciary Report believes Lohan lied in an attempt to excuse her pre-planned absence in the California probation hearing, she simply blew off, as she disobeyed the judge's orders in not completing the required amount of alcohol education classes at the required intervals.

The Cannes Film Festival basically went off without a hitch, until Lohan created all this drama and bad press. The festival organizers are not amused. Neither are the police. No one from California wanted to give her a plane ride back to the States either.

And Lohan wonders why no one in Hollywood wants to hire her. Here's a tip, nowhere in the world do directors and other production staff, like going to bed at night with indigestion, wondering if a wayward actor or actress will show up for work tomorrow and be sober or blow their production sky high with their poor conduct. 

As the mind prepares to drift into slumber and is wondering how to best film scenes to include all the key points one wishes to express, here is this nagging side thought about a unpredictable actress, who is a wild card in whether things will fall to pieces the next day, ruin the budget, run up costs and mess with insurance coverage. This is what you do to them. 

No one needs that kind of aggravation and most people will not put up with it, because they simply do not have to do so. There's always a new busload of beautiful hopefuls wanting to be famous and willing to show up on time with out insobriety issues.

Lohan breezed into Cannes like she was Angelina Jolie with a finished filmed project to promote. People like director Oliver Stone were there to promote actual films that were completed, such as "Wall Street 2" A/K/A " Money Never Sleeps." 

Indie filmmakers were also there with their finished products that competed in the festival for top honors. Lindsay was there for free alcohol, to score drugs from Hollywood hanger-ons and to get her face in the paper. 

France is a beautiful place that most people want to visit and soak up the ambiance and lovely vistas. But if you have serious probation issues lingering that can snatch your freedom, you take care of your obligations first. You once again proved why people should not hire you. 

Yesterday, CNN confirmed the Judiciary Report's previous statements that Lohan went to Cannes to party. CNN reported yesterday, Lohan was seen partying in Cannes, wearing thigh high stockings.  




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