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Lindsay Lohan Refusing Rehab

October 20. 2009

Lindsay Lohan

Michael Lohan, the dad of drug abusing, one time actress, Lindsay Lohan, has been fighting to get her in rehab, with the ungrateful wretch trying to file a restraining order against him.

If the press would stop giving Lohan coverage for acting like a complete mess, the lack of attention would aid in her cleaning up her sordid act.

Lindsay sporting a Herpes sore on her lip

As long as she feels it is acceptable in the press to behave in an uncivilized, unlawful, drugged up manner, she will continue and no doubt end up in an early, drug fueled grave.

She belongs in rehab, as one of these days she is going to miscalculate and overdose.

Lindsay Lohan fears father may kidnap her

Mon., Oct . 19, 2009 - Embattled actress Lindsay Lohan allegedly lives in fear of just how far her father is willing to go to save her.

It seems Michael Lohan was inspired by the turnaround Britney Spears experienced under her father’s conservatorship and hoped a similar arrangement could work for his own daughter. But the senior Lohan may have taken his concern a step too far when he offered to act the part of a well-intentioned abductor if the courts wouldn’t cooperate.

“If I can’t get a conservatorship, then I’m going to take her to an undisclosed location and get her straight,” Michael Lohan told X17Online. “But I know I’m going to get charged with kidnapping.”

Not if Lindsay Lohan gets her way. According to Radar Online, LiLo plans to file a restraining order to keep her estranged dad far outside of kidnapping range...




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