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Lindsay Lohan Values Her Career More Than Her Life

October 23. 2010

Lindsay Lohan smirking and enjoying the publicity, as she is led into court once again

Hollywood train wreck, Lindsay Lohan, stated in writing to authorities, if she is in rehab for any significant period of time, it will destroy her career (what career). The only reason convict Lohan submitted to rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic in California these past two weeks, is to avoid jail for up to one year, which is what she was eligible for on chronic probation violations, under current sentencing guidelines.

Probation officers are of the belief, Lohan could die from her raging addiction, but she does not care, stating she needs to be free from rehab and jail, for the sake of her career as an actress and designer. 

This is one of the many reasons people shouldn't do drugs. They lose touch with reality when things have fallen to pieces around them. Lohan's career as an actress is almost non-existent, as she is an unpredictable insurance risk that most people do not wish to hire. 

The Judiciary Report is not surprised by her statements valuing her career over her very life. Her statements should also explain much to the public, regarding her reckless conduct that keeps going from bad to worse. She doesn't care if she dies, which is a mindset no human being should adopt.


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