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Madonna And Guy Ritchie Divorce Gets Ugly

Much Like Her Bad Plastic Surgery

October 23. 2008

They airbrushed that cover within an inch of its life. She looks like something made of putty.

Insane couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been airing all their dirty laundry in public with leaks to the press that have not endeared them to the public. In reading websites you get the vibe people simply just don’t care about the two media whores.

The dude just turned 40 and living with Madonna for years has him looking deranged and beat down, while she looks like she's just been excavated. Being evil will age you faster.

The press leaks coming from them have confirmed things I previously stated on this site months ago. For instance, this week it is being stated by the couple, that they have not had sex in almost two years.

Rewind several months ago and she was telling another story. When I exposed the fact that she had once again infringed my copyrighted music, she made up and leaked a story that one of the songs in question, "Incredible" was written about her sex life with Guy Ritchie.

The fact of the matter is Madonna's rip off song "Incredible" was stolen from my preexisting 3 year old song "Incredible Girl." Not only did I copyright it years before she stole it, as she's done to many others, I also had it posted to my website's lyric page, which millions read, well before she even recorded the rip off. 

Madonna needs to keep track of her lies, because she's kidding herself if she expects people to believe that during all the hatred in their marriage and lack of sex, she supposedly wrote that song about sexual relations with him. For a long time he hasn't even looked like he wanted to stand next to her in photos, let alone anything else. Once again, Madonna is a crazy liar.

Guy Ritchie and new girlfriend Kelly Reilly

I also stated months ago that Ritchie has been cheating on her and lustfully staring at others in public settings as well. At the time they denied everything, but the truth is all coming out now months later. Celebrities can be such liars.

This week, Us Weekly and the Daily Mail published stories that confirmed claims I previously made on this website. I repeat, I don't make up stories on people. 

I also stated months ago that Ritchie was not over his ex-girlfriend, model Tania Strecker de Rothschild, who makes bad plastic surgery Madonna look like something that belongs in a kennel.

This week it has emerged that Madonna does indeed have great insecurities over Tania. However, Tania got the last laugh, as she married a handsome man, a few years younger than herself, from a billionaire titled Jewish family that makes chronic copyright thief Madonna look poor by comparison.  

Kelly Reilly is a redheaded version of Ritchie's ex-girlfriend Tania

Well, she got knocked up to steal Ritchie from Tania, what did she expect. Readers at the Sun newspaper site have overwhelmingly called Guy Ritchie foolish for dumping Tania for manlike Madonna.

Either way, homophobic Ritchie is in a bit of a jam, as Madonna wants full custody of their biological son. Considering Madonna is the most flagrant homosexual on the planet, it’s pretty much a given that his son will not only be at the gay pride parade, he shall be one of the floats.

She’s already grooming her daughter to look like lesbian painter Frieda Kahlo. Mixed in with all the psycho Kabbalah garbage they are being brainwashed with at the cult’s centers, those kids are in trouble.


Tania Strecker

'No sex for 18 months' - Madonna and Guy

Wednesday, 22 October 2008 - Pop star Madonna and her estranged husband Guy Ritchie didn't have sex for 18 months as their marriage crumbled, it has been reported.


Guy Ritchie Continues to Slam Madonna

I don't know about their relationship and can't comment on that, but Guy Ritchie speaks the truth - Madonna is old, ugly and can't sing.


Guy Ritchie's model lust

Madonna believes Guy Ritchie secretly lusted after his former girlfriend Tania Strecker during their doomed marriage, it has been claimed.

The singer was reportedly plagued by suspicions the British director preferred his former flame Tania Strecker - a 6ft tall model with 37in legs - especially after Tania claimed Guy was still seeing her when he began romancing Madonna.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Tania is stunning and 15 years younger than Madonna. Madonna took Guy from Tania, but never really trusted him that he loved her for herself."


Madonna’s a Wacko, May Be Shacking Up With A-Rod

The most recent tidbits revealed show that the Queen of Pop has some very strange habits. A little bird has been releasing meschugena Madonna facts for days now (we’re guessing that little bird = Ritchie’s people), and some of them are just plain weird.

Madonna sleeps slathered in cream that costs $1000/jar and covered in a plastic bodysuit (do we need to remind her that plastic is super wasteful).

Many things weren’t allowed in the Madonna lair: dairy, TV, sugar, newspapers. Wonder if A-Rod has any idea what he’s getting into?

He’s been talking about purchasing a pad 2 blocks away from hers in NYC. We used to respect Madonna as a green maven, but we’ve heard her tour is wasteful. Not to mention, the stuff above creeps us out…


Sun Feedback:

Posted by: matley_05 - Why the h*ll would you dump her for Madonna. MONEY?

mkn2k8 - i dont understand, Madonna is so old, and not exactly attractive, he must if been with her just to live of her wealth (not spending any of his)

joseatpolodotorg - ...compared to Granny, the ex-wife mui caliente...

scrumbow - He dumped her for Madonna .......... this guy needs his head examined......

WhiskersPaws - sometimes u just don't understand how the mechanism work for the man's brain. He dumped a pretty 35 for an old, wrinkled granny of 50. Let's face it, although beauty is a swallow thing, but the old bag is not pretty inside... In the case of Guy, maybe he needs a bot of motherly love... ha

denis55 - What a catch ! ! Guy ! You are a fool to let such a beauty go ! Also, it has got to be the money that you chased when dating Madge, as it could mot be personality, looks or manners.

exbootneck - She is essence especially compared to the chicken leg...

trojan38 - I love it!! Madonna is a dam freak! I am so sick of the liberal media always throwing themselves down before people like Madonna! These people are RAGS!! They are beyond arrogant, they fall for every religious fad that comes down the avenue and, most of all, celebrities like Madonna are flaming IDIOTS! So what if she has sold "x number" of records and concert tickets! I am glad Guy saw the light of day and realized his manhood and left Madonna! GOOD FOR HIM!!!!

Raze - Madonna thought she was really smart and clever faking the odd orgasm and fooling her man, but Guy was the really smart one, he faked a whole 8 year marriage , just for a quick earner. Fancy sleeping with what resembles a bag of bones, ah well, £60 mill, gotta be worth it.She stopped being sexy after she released 'holiday'.

jojogothermojo - madonna jealous YAWN madonna thinking someone's after her money YAWN, madonna YAWN YAWN YAWN YAWN YAWN. go back to America madonna and spend time recovering from your divorce with your family oh yeah you cant you've alienated most of them from you for thinking that theyre after your money YAWN!!!!!

IsabellaTella - I think the problem with Madonna, is that she thinks BECAUSE she's Madonna everyone wants her and needs to bow down to her. Poor old ***** is just about to land back on earth without any breaks and a wake up call. She's made some great music over the years, this cannot be denied - but she isn't her music – her music will still sound good and be played for many many years to come but ***** will be too old to dance to it. And she's got no business getting all bent out of shape about a model with 37" legs or wonder what Guy is doing while she’s away when she's allegedly getting cozy with Alex Rodriguez!! I feel sorry for the children.

pewag - I love the way Madonna reinvents herself every five minutes. She's a blonde whore, then a brunette whore, mother earth whore, dominatrix whore and now she's a divorced whore trying to break up a few other marriages whore. Isn't she wonderful?

Boxerlover68 - Old, fat, wrinkled and ugly! Ha ha ha! LOVE IT! Personally I don't care if they both had affairs with whoever was closest to hand. They do say there's no dignity in divorce, and they're right! It's sad for the kids and they're the ones I really feel for. If Madonna wants to regain any credibility, then she should shut up, stop leaking to the press, conduct her private business behind closed doors and behave with some decorum. She needs to accept that her husband has equal rights with her over their children and get on with it. Unfortunately, as she believes she's 35 and a Jesus type spiritual leader, this ...... umm ..... doesn't look likely.

aitchf - No wonder Mrs Ritchie was paranoid, she hardly compares does she? The sooner the silly woman de-camps back to America, the better, along with her silly "religion" and hangers-on.

modification1 - she's definitely better looking than madge .so id dump madge for her myself if i was married to madge.

Posted by: TIKKICAR1 - She's a cracker. Better than ropey old MANdonna anyday!

brit08 - madonna is to masculine

stu_gold - these photos do not do this very warm and lovely girl the justice she deserves :)

IronHorse - It's like comparing a man to a woman, seeing those two together. What the h*ll would Guy see in Boney M????

bobmobile2000 - I would take her any day, She is definitely better than the granny madonna



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