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Madonna's Son Exhibiting The Same Schizophrenic Traits She Is In Kabbalah

December 31. 2016

Madonna (LOL)

The British government is going to have their hands full with Madonna’s son, Rocco Ritchie, who is 16-years-old. Beginning at age 15, he started going around London engaging in illegal drug use, underage drinking and noise disturbances (disturbing the peace), while being a menace in several neighborhoods. A few months ago, neighbors grew so tired of Ritchie’s bad behavior, they called the police. Ritchie was subsequently arrested on a drug charge.

Madonna is a deranged demon, who imparted her evil ways and substance abuse problems to her children. Her children are always drunk or high and according to people in industry circles, they are mean to others as well. No doubt they learned that from their mother, a self-confessed illegal drug user (cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy), who is absolutely evil to people. There are so many horror stories about Madonna on the internet from people she did vicious things to in unprovoked, mean-spirited acts.

Madonna looking frightful

Madonna also has a sick, evil streak, having choked and beat up an 11-year-old boy in New York. She has also commissioned terrible, violent criminal behavior through private investigators, targeting numerous people in Miami, London, Los Angeles and New York, as public reports and lawsuits against her by various people attests.

I have been the subject of her deranged commission stalking and harassment, as has a Miami couple (whom I do not know personally) who went to the State Attorney’s office about Madonna’s abusive, obsessive, harassing behavior she commissioned using a private investigators and thugs on Miami Beach.

Madonna also psychotically targeted model Tania Strecker in London as well, for being the object of ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s affection (Strecker was his girlfriend at the time). Madonna also insanely commissioned illegal spying regarding Ritchie’s new wife Jacqui Ainsley (from the time Ritchie began dating her Ainsley). Madonna is a madwoman with too much time and ill gotten money on her hands, as she keeps commissioning serious crimes against innocent people she becomes obsessed with like a psychopath.

Madonna's son at age 15 smoking marijuana in public 

 My site exclusive was also confirmed recently when Madonna was forced to admit she has a private investigator stalking her son Rocco Ritchie and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie all over London, in acts that criminally violate British law and American law. The private investigator has criminally invaded their privacy in Britain, sending unlawful reports to Madonna in America, who is a sick, demonic pervert that gets off on secretly spying on others like a loser.

Madonna’s son (and daughter) already mimicked her behavior with illegal drug use and disturbing the peace. The minute Rocco Ritchie starts getting more money in his hands, he is going to start commissioning criminal behavior against others, as he witnessed his mother do for years in her household, in engaging in commissioned wiretapping, harassment, stalking, assault and theft, under Kabbalah’s deranged mantra of stealing all you can and appropriating it for yourself, in acts that are completely criminal.


Madonna's son and a male friend. Madonna mocked her son online for being bisexual. She also made a nasty comment stating he has no penis ("no sausage")

Rocco Ritchie's behavior and profile is going to create a massive problem for the British police, as he is already showing himself to be a juvenile delinquent with absolutely no respect for the law. It is disturbing that a 15-year-old began breaking the law across the board in the manner Ritchie has been doing. Based on industry claims, he also has a terrible temper as well. People with that psychological profile are often prone to violence (as is Madonna).

Previously, before ex-husband Guy Ritchie walked out on her over her insane and evil behavior, Madonna went around London wearing jackets stating she is the Queen, in what was arrogant, disrespectful and out of place. Clearly in her crazy mind she thinks she is the Queen of England. Some people suffer from that mental disorder. Madonna is clearly one of them. Madonna also started acting like Buckingham Palace was her property as well.

Madonna (LOL again) 

Madonna also arrogantly called Britons “lazy” when they are not. What a nasty thing to say about an entire nation. She is the lazy one. Madonna is a lazy, shiftless thief, fraud, liar and criminal, who has stolen all she has criminally acquired in life, but somehow thinks she is an authority on what constitutes real work.

Madonna was a part of the phone hacking scandal in Britain as well, with fellow Kabbalah Center member Rupert Murdoch. They don’t own Britain, but sure behave like they do, in conduct that is low class, ill-mannered and unseemly. This is what happens when trash gets money. They engage in criminal activity and start trouble all over the place in conduct that damages the public.


Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses



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