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More Proof The U.S. Economy Is In Decline As McDonalds And Walmart Hit Sales Slumps And Hostess Goes Out Of Business

November 16. 2012

Barack Obama

The Obama Administration's economic policies are not working. The Judiciary Report has stated and reiterated this point since 2009, offering positive solutions to fix the problems. However, the Obama Administration has chosen another line that is not producing positive economic results. When U.S. giants McDonalds and Walmart are experiencing very noticeable sales declines shocking Wall Street and another symbol of Americana, Hostess, makers of the Twinkie snack, closes its doors, things are very bad.

Barack Obama

Some conspiracy theorists will claim these corporations are conspiring to make Obama look bad, but who in their right mind would damage their own multinational companies, losing billions and or closing their doors, to get at a president. It's time to face facts. Things are bad with the economy. There is still a financial crisis. There was no recovery.



Serious government budget cuts need to be made. Taxes need to be raised on the rich (personal income, not corporate). The corporate sector needs to be cleaned up. Criminals are still in business in the corporate sector, damaging not contributing to the economy. The nation cannot afford four more years of financial failure.


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