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Obama Approval Ratings Drop To 48%

November 23. 2009

President Barack Obama

Proving the American people are not in sync with President Obama's current initiatives, his approval ratings slid even more over the weekend from 50% to 48%. The thing concerning me the most is the stem cell bill, experimenting on embryos. It was not a good idea. The healthcare bill, with the mandatory abortion fee and drastic spending is another item of concern. What the government needs to do is attempt to get hospitals and doctors to cut the waste, over-billing and overcharging.

The technological angle needs to be looked at as well. When DVD players just came out they were $500-$1,000. Now, you can get one for $29. Why is medical imaging still so expensive after all these years (MRIs, CT Scans, EKGs, EMG). We need a McDonalds imaging solution to this problem.   


Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval



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