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Obama Costing Americans Billions With War In Libya

March 22. 2011

For full interview click here

U.S. Congressman Kucinich, made some very strong and sensible points during an RT interview, regarding President Barack Obama's ill-advised, unlawful military expedition into Libya. Obama has disappointed many with this terrible decision, which has already resulted in thousands of civilian fatalities in Libya and damaged their infrastructure. 

For every week the United States is in Libya during this illegal war, it shall cost the American taxpayer $500,000,000. (half a billion dollars). Every Tomahawk missile dropped in Libya, costs the American taxpayer $1,000,000. 

Barack Obama

Thus far, a reported 235 Tomahawk missiles have been dropped. You do the math. That's an additional $235 million dollars of your tax money gone in vain, on missiles that have not stopped the Gadhafi family. It would have been cheaper and more effective to buy Raid. The Obama Administration's conduct in this matter is socially and financially unwise.  

Kucinich, like many others, are bringing up the fact, President Obama, has committed an impeachable offense, by starting this war in Libya, without Congressional authority. He most likely did so, because he doubted he would receive clearance.  


Obama Illegally Invades Libya, Thousands Dead...



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