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Oprah Winfrey Stunned When 70% Of '60 Minutes' Panel Disagree With Government On President Donald Trump Russia Probe

September 26. 2017

Oprah Winfrey was stunned at the panel's responses

This past Sunday, CBS aired an episode of "60 Minutes" featuring former talk show host Oprah Winfrey. The program featured a panel of guests from Michigan discussing U.S. President, Donald Trump. Winfrey, who is not a Trump supporter, was stunned at many of the answers from the panelists, consisting of people who are Democrat and Republican. They are entitled to their opinions. 

The shock was quite visible on Winfrey's face when she asked the panelists to vote whether the current Russia probe against Trump is invalid. Approximately 70% of the panelist voted they are not of the belief the Russia probe against Trump is valid. They deemed it a waste of time. They are correct.

The Russia probe into Trump is a waste of taxpayer money, being waged by select, bitter Democrats in government, who are trying to avenge an election defeat. In the meantime, nothing significant or substantial is getting done in Congress, because everything is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. The Congress and White House should be working together to create job growth in the country and come up with a better healthcare solution that the abysmally bad Obamacare.

Donald Trump

One panelist even brought up the fact the U.S. government (via the CIA) has illegally toppled governments in foreign nations. Therefore, to accuse Russia of meddling in the U.S. election is hypocritical. This is a point the Judiciary Report has made in the past as well. For the record, I do not think any nation should meddle in another country's elections. It should be up to the public in each nation to peacefully vote in the individuals they want representing their countries.

No credible evidence has been presented that Russia hacked the U.S. election. The government already stated the election was not the subject of hacking in any state. Therefore, Russia did not change the vote to benefit Trump and damage his rival, Hillary Clinton, who is in a clinical state of denial regarding her defeat in the November 2016 election. Clinton had to be medicated over the defeat. She continues to spin and publicize wild conspiracy theories regarding her loss.

The investigation is being led by white supremacist and human rights abuser, Robert S. Mueller, who is the former director of the FBI. He asked to be placed on the case for self-serving reasons. Mueller is trying to control the government via the investigation, with the hope it will deflect from the serious crimes he committed at the FBI, which are going to leak out. He is trying to use the case as a get out of jail free card, but it is going to backfire. 

Robert S. Mueller is a very evil man, who lied to Congress in a televised hearing about Weapons Of Mass Destruction in the lead up to the Iraq war and help create the illegal torture program used by the FBI and CIA, in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Through heinous acts of corruption, Mueller cost many people their loved ones, who died in preventable incidents and world history will expose and record it.

I do not believe Russia influenced or hacked the U.S. election. As stated previously on the site, the U.S. government has not been able to influence the Russian people and the Russian government has not been able to influence the American people. The political beliefs are fundamentally different. Trump is a nationalist. He is not putting the interests of any nation before America. As stated in past articles, all nations should put their own first. That's what a politician is elected to do. If I were head of a nation, I would not put the interests of another country ahead of my own.

Clinton made errors in her campaign. Coupled with past transgressions against others, as seen in the hard-hitting, well-produced "Clinton Cash" documentary, it cost her the election. Clinton was also warned by campaign staff that she was not doing enough campaigning in Ohio and Michigan, two key states needed to win the adequate amount of delegates to occupy the White House.

Personally, I prefer a straightforward election. The candidate who legitimately gets the most votes should win. However, the U.S. electoral process is not structured in that manner. Each of the 50 U.S. states is assigned a share of the electoral delegates. Some states have more electoral votes than others. To win the presidency you must play the game correctly and campaign in the manner to accumulate 270 electoral votes. End of story. Clinton knew this, but defied advisors in focusing on the popular vote and it burned her.

Hillary Clinton is still in denial about losing the election. It was not stolen from her. Under existing electoral rules and guidelines, she lost the election. Al Gore can claim the election was stolen from him. Clinton cannot do so.

Clinton can paint any picture she'd like in this regard, but that is what happened. She didn't want a repeat of candidate Al Gore and the Supreme Court debacle that emanated from the 2000 presidential election, where George W. Bush dubiously won the presidency by a handful of contested votes (never mind thousands of Gore votes were mysteriously dumped in the Florida everglades, in a state his brother presided as governor).

As such, Clinton focused on the popular vote, which does not determine the presidency. Clinton also offended Americans' sensibilities when she did her level best to control the media and social networking. Stories kept leaking regarding Clinton working with Google to rig search results and financially punish and censor bloggers, who wrote unfavorable items about her. Other stories leaked regarding Clinton controlling the mainstream press, with her team even writing articles and sending them to journalists to publish verbatim under their names, in failed efforts to give the appearance of fairness and integrity.

In doing so, Clinton made Trump the victim and underdog of the system, which garnered sympathy votes from anti-establishment people of various colors. Trump was seen as the rambunctious outsider bucking the trend and Clinton the glib, callous career politician, who is owned by the corporate sector.


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