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Pro Se, No Way

When you enter a U.S. court room as a pro se litigant, chances are you will be treated badly by the judge for absolutely no reason. This has happened to many. Quite a few pro se litigants have complained about this stunning and unnecessary practice. There are articles online on several web sites attesting to this fact.

Sometimes it stems from impatience and condescension on the judge's part, as they and the lawyers know court procedures very well, went to school for their professions for years, and take umbrage to any layman trespassing on their territory. Never mind the layman, also known as the taxpaying public, paid for the construction of the courthouse, their salaries and the everyday functions of society, bankrolled by tax dollars.

Some of it derives from arrogance on the judge's part - meaning you can't afford or find a lawyer for the legal action, therefore that is clearance to trample on your rights and verbally abuse you in court. It is arrogant, unbecoming and ugly. I've had lawyers tell me that you are open to having your rights severely abused going into a courtroom as a pro se litigant.

Judge Cecilia Altonaga

I myself have experienced this first hand via Judge Cecilia Altonaga, who went so far as to bark at me, unprovoked and flat out lie that the action I filed, for Copyright Infringement, should be sent to state court, as opposed to federal court where she presides, which is absolutely the wrong venue under U.S. law.

On the contrary, I have read cases where Copyright Infringement lawsuits had to be transferred from state court, who deemed it the wrong venue, and rightfully so. She figured I didn't know better and was about to send me running around in circles, further opening me and my company up to more losses, giving the copyright infringer, the frequently sued defendants Madonna and Warner Bros et al, more time to illegally sneak out more of my work. She also deliberately did not mention, hey girl, I'm lying to you, barking and snarling at you unprovoked because these defendants put food on my table.

Judge Altonaga's husband George Mencio of Holland & Knight law firm

Through some research I did at the outset of the case, I found out her husband derives significant income from them at the law firm of Holland & Knight, who represents defendants in the case. Her family also had stock in one of their companies. Never mind she willfully did not disclose these very important facts that would have automatically disqualified her from presiding over the case.  

She praised them then bashed me in a hearing before I got a change to even open my mouth about the case. Yes, bad warning sign that the judge is up to something. You could tell she'd just gotten her hair and nails done for the event, ready for her close-up, showboating in front of slimy, unethical lawyers committing willful acts of fraud, in a case where they know the judge and that her family has serious financial ties to them, while representing lawbreaking celebrities and billion dollar corporations.

They didn't even have to try or deny what they'd done, in committing flagrant, egregious breaches of international and domestic law. They had it in the bag thanks to the judge. Yes indeed, everything a judge shouldn't be....a arrogant fraud. I especially found it amusing the way she would tilt her head back, put her fingers under her chin and look down at me. Who is she to be looking down on anyone in light of what she did. At least I have integrity, therefore it is I who should have been looking down upon you.

However, I would never do such a thing, as I have more respect for God than to do something so arrogant and nasty. I've met homeless people on the street asking for money, which I gave them, with more grace and decorum than this judge. At least they were humble.

I was raised by a decent family, who believe all men are equal, who even fought in political circles for the betterment of society. My family socializes with prime ministers, high court judges, international political figures and celebrities. Yet this trickster of a judge tried to pull a fast one on me, looking down on and abusing me and my rights in court, while embarrassing herself ingratiating to her family's employers, the defendants, I sued. Nice! It shall be duly noted. She wanted her close-up, as mentioned above, and she's going to get it, via the forthcoming Sonustar film, "Justice and Truth."

To read more about that case visit www.aishamusic.com/lawsuit_main.htm 



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