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Sony Stealing From Nintendo

Boycott Sony!

March 17. 2009

Sony Chairman Howard Stringer

This is a follow up to the March 11. 2009 article Sony Slammed By The British Government. In the article I stated, "Watch Sony try to rip off Nintendo and X-boxís more active games after this article, as thatís all they do, steal!"

A week later, that's exactly what Sony has done. Yesterday, word surfaced of a new video game apparatus Sony is applying for a patent on that the gaming world is calling a rip off of the Nintendo Wii.

The apparatus is a wireless wand. So, it's Harry Potter meets Wii courtesy of Sony. Yes, another criminal infringement of patent, trademark and copyrights by this notorious, disgraceful, thieving, lawbreaking, ill-fated company, whose sales are sinking faster than the Titanic. 

In other Sony news, publishers are roughing them up over the failed PlayStation 3, stating Nintendo has trounced them in far less time.

Joke of the day: I have it on very good authority that Sony wanted to buy Apple (LOL).

Sony patent brings Wii-like interface to PS2

{ Mar 16th 2009 at 8:30PM }

Sony is looking into new ways of extending the PS2's life cycle far beyond the promised "ten years." A new patent discovered by the watchdogs at Siliconera points to a new gameplay system that has users waving a wand in front of a camera connected to the PS2.

Sounds very much like the Wii to us, but there are apparently other uses in the works. Another patent diagram shows ring controllers, worn around a person's fingers, that transmit light and data. This kind of experience may lead to even more freeform methods of play, as players will no longer have to grasp a controller.

Before you get too excited (or disgusted), remember this: not all patents come to fruition as actual products. Sony filed another patent last year for a unique break-apart controller that has yet to turn up. To get a further glance into the potential future, check out Siliconera's full report.


A New PS2 Controller?

Rumors emerge regarding a new patent filed by media giant.

March 16, 2009 - When it comes to new hardware and peripherals, the internet is always prone to speculate and start rumor fires over even the smallest indication that new tech is on the way. Over on the site Siliconera, rumors emerged regarding a wand-like peripheral that could be used in conjunction with the PS2. These images were apparently taken from a recent patent filed by Sony, though the wand isn't the only device pictured. Also included is an image where a user's hands have two small ring devices attached to the fingers, which can be used to track movement.


Sony leaned on by game publishers: Lower the price of the PS3!

Chicago (IL) - Sony has launched into defensive mode following the announcement of Nintendo's 100 millionth DS sale after a mere 4 years 3 months on the market. It took Sony a full 5 years 9 months to achieve the same sales record. Analysts say Sony is heading toward a price cut with its PlayStation 3, and it's anticipated that Sony could potentially reduce the price anywhere from $50 to $100 in the next couple months.




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