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The Corporate Sector Destroyed The Middle Class

The Corporate Sector Has Killed The American Dream, Which Is A Shame, Because It Was A Good One

December 17. 2010

President Barack Obama looking in the mirror

This year a number of mainstream articles have lamented regarding the erosion of the middle class, wondering how it happened, when the answer is right under their noses. The mass corruption and fraud in the corporate sector destroyed the middle class. 

Unethical schemes and underhanded tricks have been used to exploit middle class businesspeople in America, destroying and gobbling up their businesses in favor of conglomerates. Faceless, soulless corporations, then buckled and fell under the sheer magnitude of the corruption and crooked business practices.

It is not easy starting and maintaining a business in America anymore. In the 1980s and 1990s it was much easier. There were many rags to riches stories. Now there are too many fees, too few loans and too much corruption one has to wade through, rendering it an unfavorable and unprofitable proposition for many.

I speak from experience. I have been trying to start a new business and you would not believe the hurdles I have experienced... and I didn't even apply for a business loan, which would have complicated it that much more. 

In attempting to license the business and lease space, I've had different business people try to hustle me and talk me out of it, providing every negative reason they could think of, as to why I should not start the business, though it is a good, lawful one. Obama wants to know what happened to the middle class and small business sector...there you go!

Former President George W. Bush

I've never seen anything like it in my life. I grew up around so many business owners as a kid and teen, but now it is a different story. To those that make it through the ridiculous obstacle course that has become the corporate sector, there is some unethical corporate giant waiting to illegally profit from and disassemble all you've worked for, while the FBI, FTC, SEC and court system turn a blind eye. 

Then, the corporate giants fall (as did Lehman, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch, MGM, ect...) leaving the government scratching its head wondering what happened to the economy. Look in the mirror. 

The government needs to take a good, hard look at itself, what it has become and what it has allowed to happen to the working class, under the auspices that corporate giants are too big to fail and can do whatever they please, as it has brought America to the brink. 

The mortgage lenders conspired and reset the interest rates on millions of mortgages a couple years ago, costing many their homes, the gas companies gouged the populace, usurping billions of dollars during the recent price hike ($3-$5 per gallon), food prices went up, due to added transportation costs (gas again) and ponzi schemers' fraudulent conduct began to unravel, when people started demanding their funds during hard times, not realizing their money was gone. It was the perfect storm, as the phrase goes.  

It never used to be this hard to make it in America. Many people used to thrive. So many people that lived financially comfortable lives are now struggling to make ends meet. Now only the very rich are prospering, some through fraud and it is dragging the majority of the nation down.

How can it be good that so many people are suffering, under the aforementioned, illegal redistribution of wealth that transpired at the expense of the fleeced working class. Who will restore the American dream. The government needs to change or the people will change you.


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