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The Move To Remove Obama

October 28. 2010


President Barack Obama

Iranian Press TV did an in-depth interview with political analyst, Edward Spannaus, who stated it is "unlikely" President Obama "will last his first term" in office. This is what it has come to, in less than two years after being elected. Spannaus stated there are individuals in the President's own Democratic Party, seeking to remove him from office. Et Tu Brute. 

Some feel Obama is being mistreated as America's first black President, by people steeped in prejudice, bigotry and racism. Undoubtedly, there are individuals, such as racist radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, who are harboring racist views against the President for being black.

However, there are some, who do not agree with Obama's financial policies, seeing them for what they are, a massive liability to America and the world, as they will not pan out. The Judiciary Report has stated this for a year and a half and is being proven correct by current national financial data. 

While, the Judiciary Report, is not calling for Obama's impeachment at this juncture, the site can't help but note the President is making a massive amount of terrible mistakes, the results of which are inclined to be permanent. When a nation becomes bankrupt, it threatens its ability to act domestically and in the world. International success is more than just bragging rights.

Spending more money than America has, did the country no favors in the world and jeopardized valuable foreign investments as well. A sensible person will not be swayed by artificial results, of a government pressing up reams of money, with insufficient viable and profitable accounts receivables to show for it. Commonsense says it simply will not work out. To reiterate the site's ongoing finance theme, one plus one still makes two.

Austere budget cuts were needed from day one, with very selective and limited assistance given to a handful of crucial companies, with the proviso repayment be remitted in a reasonable amount of time. Using a political leaf blower to indiscriminately dispense cash all over the nation was charitable, but unwise, as the taxpayers will be left holding the bag, with many unable to contribute, due to increased unemployment.

Obama took what he believed to be the easy way out, socialist spending, but there are no genuine shortcuts to success. Capitalism and socialism can't successfully exist in the same government environment. Capitalism is what it is and requires hard work, adequate tax collection and prudent government budgets to induce prosperity. Instead, the government spent what it did not have, which set a terrible example for the rest of the nation. How are you going to convince people to spend responsibly in their personal finances, when you are spending irresponsibly. 

This is what concerns the Judiciary Report. Obama, much like Bush, has shown via his deeds, he is not looking for real, lasting results, just a quick fix for posterity, in a futile bid to bar a bad legacy. America's problems could have been fixed already, but Obama, much like Bush, did not want to make unpopular decisions to get the job done.

The responsible course of action would have been to make budget cuts, issue a small tax increase on the rich, decreased the national deficit and  reformed financial law, the sum total of which, would have built up the nation's coffers. Then, one could safely use a portion of financial surpluses to help those in need, having safely navigated the nation out of treacherous financial waters.

Instead, from day one, it was spend money across the board that the nation does not have, during a terrible financial depression and hope things will get better. This Obama plan never made sense to the Judiciary Report and the fruits of the administration's unwise financial initiatives are cropping up, via a worsening economy. The current administration has dug a deeper hole of debt, which is regrettable.


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