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The NRA Wants Armed Security Guards At Every School In America

December 22. 2012

This is a follow up to the December 20, 2012 Judiciary Report article "President Obama To Address Gun Control Via Congress." In the article the Judiciary Report stated, "As some want a full gun ban in America, while others do not, as it is unconstitutional under the law, an option would be to apply a tax to gun sales and use the money to pay for armed guards in schools, along with better building security. This would also create jobs, which in this matter, isn't a priority, as the kids' safety is the issue."

Two days later, the NRA stated they want just that "armed officers." While I'm not a gun person, never owned or touched one, I understand it is a right in America under the Constitution. In the mean time while Congress debates the issue, something needs to be done to increase school security. 

Armed, bulletproof vest wearing guards with head gear is a solution. The attacks must stop. To say it wouldn't work, yet have armed guards and police officers at federal courthouses and federal buildings like the FBI, keeping the aforementioned judges and law enforcement feds safe, says you can do it for the kids as well. People can't keep doing this to innocent children, taking their lives from them before they barely get to live it.


NRA says armed officers should be in every school

Posted on: 3:14 pm, December 22, 2012, by Megan Woo and Jon Burkett - (WTVR) – The focus of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting sparked a debate in Washington about gun laws. The NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre, claimed gun control is not the answer, saying that every school in America should have an armed police officer inside.

Richmond school board leader Kim Gray said the federal or state governments, not the localities, should provide funding to have armed officers in each school. “It’s absolutely necessary to have a police officer based at every school,” Gray told CBS 6?s Jon Burkett. “I think that when we have incidents of this nature, then we increase our security in and about our schools.”...




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