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U.K. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Causes Controversy

Bans Non-Criminal Conservative U.S. Talk Show Host Michael Savage From Britain

Savage To Sue

May 5. 2009

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has banned conservative U.S. talk show host Michael Savage from Britain. I think she has gone in the wrong direction regarding Savage. He and I do not espouse the same views, as he does not believe in Jesus, but I do.

But being a fair-minded person, I do not see the logic or humanity in placing him on such a list, exposing him to a massive dishonor and public embarrassment that is currently undeserved. When I read about Savage being placed on the list, I read his bio and it revealed he had not been convicted of any crime. He is not a criminal. Furthermore, he has not killed anyone.

When you begin to pick and choose law-abiding citizens of other nations you wish to ban for what are clearly personal reasons, you have done the United Kingdom a great disservice, as it looks like a witch hunt. You are giving the United Kingdom a very unwelcoming image in the world, in putting a non-criminal on such a degrading, rejecting list.

Michael Savage

If I were a head of state, the only people I would direct the foreign minister to ban from the country are convicted felons and known terrorists that have not been brought to justice yet. Outside of that, I would wish for my nation to remain neutral, civil and hospitable to all countries and citizens of the world, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

If a person comes to your country, with no criminal record, then breaks the law, that’s another story. Then you prosecute, incarcerate and then deport. But to disgrace people from other countries, like they are vermin, banning them from Britain when they have not broken the law, is ill advised, going too far, an abuse of invested power and a violation of their rights.

You are violating international laws and treaties when you engage in such conduct, as the United Nations prescribes each citizen of the world has the right to a good name. You have committed a massive gaffe that violates the letter and spirit of the law on an international level.

To start defaming those who have not committed any legally punishable crime, classing them with murderers, is not going to change others to your point of view in life, but drive down tourism to Britain, through an unintended series of consequences. Maybe you should have taken a vote among British businesses, regarding what they want, before you launched into an international blacklist.

Savage has 8,000,000 –10,000,000 listeners that share his views. Condemning and publicly banning him from Britain, essentially spitting in his face, will lead his listeners to believe, you do not like them either. They will not be inclined to visit. That’s not good for Britain or tourism, especially during a terrible recession, with tourist season beginning at this time of year.

The more law-abiding names like Savage you add to the list, shall cause greater offense among the people that do espouse the same views as those you’ve banned. Before you know it, you will have offended a few hundred million people all over the world, via the list.

Furthermore, Savage is also Jewish. To ban a man that has not committed a crime, will provoke cries of anti-Semitism, which is an ugly image no one needs, as it is classed as racism. As a person of British decent, I do not believe for one second my forebears would want Britain advertised in the world in this manner. You need to focus on the hate preachers you have in Britain, assembling in parks and town squares calling for jihad against the nation. That is hate speech.


Right Talker Savage on Britain Ban: ‘When Has This Witch Listened to My Program’

"Well, I don't know who this pork eater is, but I have a question for her. I hear she is the Home Secretary of the former England. When has this witch heard my show, since it's not syndicated in England? When has this witch listened to my program in England? And which show or shows is she referring to?"




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