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Video Exposes Hillary Clinton And The Clinton Foundation's Crimes Against The Haitian People In Haiti (Video)

October 31. 2016

VIDEO: What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her

A protester has exposed Hillary Clinton, her husband, former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and their crooked, corrupt Clinton Foundation, as having stolen billions of dollars from the people of Haiti. World nations donated over $13 billion dollars after the tragic 2010 earthquake destroyed much of the capital. The money was meant for rebuilding Haiti. However, the Clintons took it as an opportunity to rob, pillage and exploit Haiti. Had the Clintons not stolen the Haitian people's money, they could have better protected themselves during Hurricane Matthew that left many dead due to inadequate shelter (862 Dead, 28,000 Homes Damaged, Thousands Homeless And Many In Danger Of Starvation In Haiti After Hurricane Matthew).


Hillary Clinton is evil

The video makes mention of Haiti's very valuable gold mind, now corruptly under the control of Bill Clinton's brother Roger Clinton. Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is also profiting off the criminal exploitation of the Haitian people. The Clintons belong in prison. These are very crimes. They are using money stolen from impoverished Haitians to live like kings and queens and buy the U.S. election. 


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