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Warning Signs

1. Beware of any judge who has a track record of ruling in favor of the million/billion dollar corporation over the individual citizen. 

2. "Would You Let Me Finish My Sentence" - Beware of any judge who won't let you get a word in edgewise or continually cuts off your sentences when you've barely said anything at all. That judge has already made up their mind against you and is doing their best to shut you up, lest something serious comes out, you know, like the truth.

3. Judge openly shows favoritism to opposing party.

4. Judge picks apart how your case was drafted citing items not listed in the Federal Rules.

5. Judge acts as an unofficial character witness for the opposition in throwing out a case on their personal belief, rather than the evidence and or the fact.

6. Judge throws out key evidence that under the Rules should have been admitted.

7. Judge grants summary judgment in oppositions on grounds that violate the Federal Rules.

8. Beware of any judge bald-faced and arrogant enough to verbally abuse and or slander litigants in court, openly show favoritism to one side in a case and or render rulings in open violation of the law and the Constitution. That's a judge that doesn't care about the law or the reputation of the court, opting to indulge their personal prejudices, philosophies, ego and sometimes, sadly, bank account. The rules governing judicial conduct says judges are to be patient, kind and fair, but this is often not the case with certain judges.

In Closing

The Constitution is a great document. It was subtlety crafted to point out the fact that no man is above the law…neither is his or her's interpretation thereof. Television and the movies can be misleading. Basically, judges are required to conduct themselves in a dignified, impartial manner.

Judges would do well to remember this. When you sit on the bench, you are representing your country, your family and your community. To do less than what the law ascribes based on your own philosophies, personal beliefs and prejudices, is betraying your country and committing an act of treason.



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