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We Are Living In A Troubled World But We Must Learn From The Past If Humanity Is To Progress

November 27. 2012

Martin Luther King jr. was harassed, hounded, imprisoned and later murdered on the orders of the FBI for daring to preach the message all men are created equal

We are living in a very troubled world, but we must learn from mistakes of the past to progress in the future. When you try to do good in life, there will inevitably be some, who would like to see you fail for whatever reason. Some, who for selfish reasons, such as money and stature, may even seek to destroy others for trying to move humanity forward, if it affects their bottom line.

Abraham Lincoln killed by actor and spy John Wilkes Booth for promoting equal rights

When one looks at how some in world history treated men like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela to name a few, it becomes crystal clear there is evil in this world, as these men were put through terrible abuses for no reason other than hatred. Great men and women have been defamed, wrongfully incarcerated, beaten and or killed for peacefully standing up for what they believe. A difference in opinion should never result in death.

Gandhi was assassinated for being too sympathetic to others

As time goes by, we sometimes see history repeat itself, via innocent men and women persecuted, some even maimed or murdered, for seeking to do the right thing in life. The things people do to others is astonishing. When compassion fails, humanity is at its worst, but when understanding flourishes, hope and mercy grows.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned under terrible conditions for opposing racist apartheid

As a world we need to learn from mistakes of the past and not repeat them. However, as much as we try as a world to peacefully progress. moving forward, there is always someone with strife and hatred in their heart, determined to make the good and innocent suffer.



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