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Why Like Someone You Didnít Before They Became Famous

April 3. 2013


When people become famous, sometimes there are folks, who didnít like or care for them before, who all of a sudden do. Itís very insincere. Sadly, women are one of the worst culprits in this regard, but there are some men who are guilty of this as well, regarding the opposite sex.

I don't understand. If you didnít like a person before they were famous, why like them after and start chasing them down. I'm not trying to be mean, but it has a superficial look to it. Who could feel good about that kind of attention. Money and fame shouldnít change oneís opinion of a person. It has the appearance that you want something and not so much the person.

Furthermore, someone with that fickle view will not be there for you in the event your fame and money disappears. Learn to read people. Not everyone is true. Some will try to get close to you for money or career advancement. That's not a real friend.  

However, some famous people are also guilty of questionable behavior in this regard. They become famous and forget their true friends. Some friends, who are violent and trouble prone, you do need to leave behind, lest they get you into trouble. However, your real friends, who may not be cool or glamorous, you shouldnít forget. Donít abandon your true friends, who cared about you when you had nothing. 

Do remember, the same people you see on your way up are the same folks you will see on your way down (if your career declines, which happens to most). People often use the phrase "Keep it real." Indeed, be real with people.



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