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Be Careful Of Letting People Control You In Relationships

Do Not Let Another Person Take Over Your Life

April 25. 2013

Still from the movie "Misery"

In relationships, there is a difference between concern and control. Some people's behavior veers into territory that goes beyond being concerned for the welfare of their significant other, to trying to downright control them. Considering God gave us all free will and the right to make our own decisions, no one should try to take that away, especially someone one is romantically involved with. 

Beware of people who try to control where you go, what you say, what you do and who you talk to. Beware of people who are overly jealous. Be glad that your significant other is so great others think so as well. As long as the person isn't trying to break you and your significant other up, what's the harm. 

Beware of those who try to isolate you from your family and or friends. That's a psychological move and that person is messing with your head to control you. It's one thing for a concerned girlfriend or boyfriend to question if it's safe for you to hang out with a friend that's a criminal (you know, something like "sweetie, you sure you wanna get into a car with your gang banger friend, I'm just saying..." - see: drive by shooting).  

It's quite another thing when someone you date begins to nitpick your family and friends giving you a million reasons why you should spend less time with them, if any at all. Someone who truly cares about you will want you to have good, healthy lasting relationships with your family and friends, encouraging you to improve said familial and friendship ties.   

Keep relationships in perspective. God gave you a mind. Use it. what happens if and most likely when, you break up, because a controlling relationship where you are being completely domineered usually ends in disaster.

What about your family, friends and potential business associates, you've offended for this jealous, neurotic, controlling person. The funny thing is in many cases, family will try to warn you the person is all wrong for you, but you didn't listen. What about others you met during that time who would have been better for you, but the person told you so much garbage about them in trying to isolate and control you out of jealousy, you behaved in a funny manner that drove them away. Be careful of burning the wrong bridges, as some aren't easily rebuilt. 

In life it is always best to use sound judgment and temperance. Learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe. Avoid engaging in conduct that harms others, because someone egged you on to do so, though your God given conscience warned you that you were going down the wrong path. Relationships are supposed to bring you happiness, not worry, anxiety and stress.  


Don't Let Her Bankrupt You



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