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Beyonce Knowles Father Behaving Like A Thug

September 5. 2008

Beyonce and Solange's father, the cocaine snorting, prostitute sex party throwing, Matthew Knowles, issued threats today, against a local disc jockey in their hometown of, Houston, Texas, for calling his youngest daughter the B-word.

After the nasty little display the musically and fashion challenged Solange put down in an interview recently, why is he surprised. The whole internet is slamming her. Solange still hasn't apologized to the interviewer she snapped at either.

Matthew tried to flex his "You'll never work in this town again" muscle. Typical Hollywood trash. Think they can threaten other people and publicly so, for exercising their right to freedom of speech. He was speaking as though he was going to lay in wait for and attack the DJ.

The DJ fought back on air and pimp slapped Knowles with a few comments of his own. DJ "Special K" and his coworker subtlety let Matthew know that his daughter, Solange, was rude to them on a previous occasion and her song was also shot down by local listeners, who voted against it being played.

Solange's album, released last week, garnered poor sales, selling 40,000 copies for the week. A sure flop by major label standards.

Matthew countered Solange is a great songwriter. No, she is not. Neither is Beyonce, who is always getting sued for stealing someone's music. They are thieves just like you, who stole $32,000,000 from your former co-manager.

Solange and Beyonce allegedly wrote the copyright infringing song "Upgrade U" for Beyonce's B'Day, that was illegally stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog, which was registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, before they stole items from it click here for comparisons. A real writer wouldn't do that.

Instead of worrying about DJs calling your daughters nutty and the B-Word, you need to worry more about them not getting slapped with charges for criminal copyright infringement. Not to mention the international disgrace it's brought Sony, via millions reading about the thefts.

Beyonce's dad on radio: Houston needs to show support

Sept. 3, 2008, 2:42PM - Papa Knowles called KRBE (104.1 FM) radio's Roula & Ryan Show today to call out on-air personality Special K for referring to daughter Solange as a diva and a ``B.''




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