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Britney Spears Labeled A Drug Taking Meth Addict In Court

October 20. 2012

Britney Spears

Schizophrenic pop singer Britney Spears has been labeled a meth addict in the court case brought against her by former manager, Sam Lufti, who is suing on grounds he was terminated without pay and defamed. Lufti has brought out Spears' dirty laundry in court, embarrassing the pop tart and her family.

There have been claims of anti-Semitism by the Spears family as well. During the time Lufti was in her life, both he and the singer engaged in illegal, questionable behavior that reached very low depths of human behavior. They are both in the wrong on a number of things and it is ironic that it is being played out in court.

In an interesting, yet deceitful twist. Yesterday, after the Judiciary Report published the article "Britney Spears In Danger Of Another Mental Breakdown Now That Justin Timberlake Has Married Jessica Biel" TMZ published a post stating Spears' lawyer is blaming pop star and ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake for her mental breakdown, which is a load of rubbish. Spears cheated on Timberlake and he dumped her.

However, the erosion of her mental state did not begin until Spears joined Kabbalah at Madonna's instance and they began criminally spying on and trying to control her in every single way they could, in bids at "inducing schizophrenia" which they successfully did, via brainwashing and messing with her head.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are more suited to each other

Kabbalah actually gave Spears a teddy bear with a hidden camera in it, then used the contents of what they illegally saw on the camera's feed, being wirelessly uploaded to their server's password protected website, run by hackers in their employ, to call up, text and email Britney, throwing the contents of what they saw in her face. She went insane from that.

Kabbalah also blackmailed Spears using the contents of the hidden camera and among other things, including phone hacking (Rupert Murdoch is a member of the cult) and computer hacking they commissioned, when they completely and utterly spied on her in every technologically possible way. There was even an incident regarding Kabbalah hacking into the security/surveillance system at Spears' home.

Now Spears is mentally insane to the point she is permanently under a conservative and on several heavy duty medications a day, to help her not harm herself, her children or anyone else, as she previously did and was twice committed to a psychiatric ward for doing.

Furthermore, it's those same degenerates in Kabbalah that encouraged Spears to cheat on Timberlake in the first place, because as a cult, like other cults, they believe in promiscuity and using people for sex. They use it as a form of control over others.


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