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FBI Collected Thousands Of Phone Records Illegally

January 19. 2010

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Never let it be said the FBI let a little thing like the law get in their way of violating scores of people's rights. Based on reports today, the FBI collected thousands of people's phone records by flat out lying about exigent circumstances that never existed, to use the dubious national security letters to spy on Americans. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller claims he knew nothing of what many FBI agents did in this regard. However, Mueller knew. He orchestrated it. He is a disgraceful liar.

When I broke the story in December 2006, which was confirmed by the Inspector General's report in March 2007, based on what was relayed to me by a very credible source in 2006, I was informed FBI Director Robert S. Mueller was illegally spying on select people and passing the contents around among his cronies and other officials in government. 

Targets selected for surveillance, such as specific scientists, political scientists, inventors, journalists, political bloggers, activists and politicians to name a few, had their privacy thoroughly violated by Mueller and FBI HQ, via the FBI employees he instructed to do so. 

Granted, some FBI agents of their own accord, abused this privilege to pry into the lives of wives and girlfriends, even women they wanted to pursue sexually. However, the illegal activity was largely directed by Mueller and HQ and consigned to select surveillance targets, who hadn't done anything wrong. It has been a vile invasion of privacy, which is something sacred.

Said surveillance included wiretap transcripts (phone and cell phone), emails, text messages, internet searches, computer documents (FBI's CIPAV trojan), GPS, roving bugs, credit card purchases (itemized), travel records, library records, credit reports, banking activity and medical records, illegally accessed and copied, then all bundled up and sent to Mueller and others at FBI hq upon request.

Mueller is also a nasty old pervert, who is power mad. When he was not misusing this vital congressional tool in spying on the aforementioned, who did nothing wrong, he was prying into the lives of younger women. 

When the agency gets into trouble for certain misdeeds, Mueller tries to dupe the FBI agents into destroying incriminating files, which is very illegal, by telling them they are "doing it for your country" under the guise of "American Pride." It's the same reason the FBI keeps hiding the real Martin Luther King Jr. files - they don't want the public to know the terrible things the FBI has done.  

Mueller is a criminal. Full stop. He deserves to be called out for what he truly is and what he is doing to this nation and other people in the world he has spied on as well, in egregious acts, with no mandate under federal law to do so. Someone should violate you and your family like that and see how you like it, you dirty old man.

Report: FBI Illegally Collected Phone Records

Published: January 19, 2010 - WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FBI violated the law in collecting thousands of U.S. telephone records during the Bush administration, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Citing internal memos and interviews, the Post said the FBI invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies or persuaded phone companies to provide information as it illegally gathered more than 2,000 records between 2002 and 2006.

The bureau said in 2007 that it had improperly obtained some phone records, and the Justice Department inspector general is expected to release a report this month detailing the extent of the problem...

Documents obtained by the Post show that FBI managers as high as the assistant director level approved the emergency requests. Caproni said FBI Director Robert Mueller did not know about the requests until late 2006 or early 2007, after the inspector general's investigation had begun...





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