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FBI Computer CIO Leaves The Agency

Was It Something I Said (Sarcasm)

September 24. 2008

 FBI Director Robert Mueller: I'm lying this much

Yesterday I wrote about the FBI’s failed one billion dollar computer system stating of Congress and the law enforcement agency: "You let the FBI blow one billion dollars on a failed computer system, where money was suspiciously misappropriated, with more being asked for as well. They haven't caught one real terrorist with that thing, that probably boots to a blue or black screen." Congress And Bush 9-23-08

Today, the head of the FBI’s computer department, Zal Azmi, resigned, announcing that he is leaving the Bureau:


In the article posted to the FBI's website this afternoon, they recapped the computer department’s alleged achievements (9-24-08) *this is me pretending to care.* I must admit, two years ago when I first wrote about the Bureau’s computer system fiasco, I was amazed to learn that FBI agents didn’t even have email. 

Well, now, thanks to Zal Azmi they do…which they use to target victims of serious crime, such as myself, while inadvertently letting the watching world know, you are watching me, yet let those criminals continue with the unlawful harassment, attempted murder and criminal theft of copyright. Well, it was to be expected, after all you don't even care about missing children. Nice way to represent the FBI in world - not!

Where's The Taxpayers' Money, Mueller

The article didn't explain what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money that was misappropriated and billed to “miscellaneous” for the failed computer system. While, I’m not blaming Azmi for what happened to the taxpayers money *looks at Mueller* I don’t care for the computer spyware that was developed during his tenure and is being used on innocent Americans. Said customized computer trojan surfaced in a mafia court case as a method of collecting evidence, but the FBI is using it on innocent Americans as well.

The mere fact the FBI deems it fit to pry into law abiding Americans' computers, much like they did with the Patriot Act abuses, is infuriating. I find it insidious, invasive, treacherous, perverted and disgusting. If the FBI employees who do this and their families, were subjected to the same treatment, they would be devastated. Yet they hard-heartedly do this to innocent Americans under the guise of national security, when it is often anything but.

Since when is spying in people's computers and listening to their most intimate conversations, you should not be privy to, appropriate conduct. Parents talking about their children, people talking to their doctors (you’re violating HIPAA), couples intimately talking to each other about their romance and you nasty buggers are sitting on the line listening in. Just who do you think you are. The law says you can’t do that to innocent people, but you do and it’s arrogant, perverted and ugly.

Photo courtesy of ABC

It would be fitting that the FBI employees, who under Mueller's instructions, obtain unlawful, un-Constitutional transcripts and recordings of people’s telephone calls and the contents of their computers and email boxes, be subjected to the same invasive treatment and their immediate families as well, then it be disseminated to anyone in the world that wants a copy.

That way they can see exactly what it feels like when they do these things to innocent people, in violation of the Constitution and U.S. Code. So they can feel vilely violated, much like the innocent people they spy on, when they pass around the private details of others' lives to anyone they feel like, that they shouldn‘t even be privy to at all. There is no excuse for it.

Civil rights and privacy laws clearly mean nothing to the agency. I couldn’t in good conscience do such a job or keep silent in the midst of that corruption, but it amazes me how many of you do. This sick surveillance of listening, watching and observing every detail about innocent people and raiding others' personal lives, without permission or any legal authority to do so, is disgraceful.

However, what’s important is during these hard economic times brought on by derelicts like Robert Mueller, who in 2004 sat on evidence of the then forthcoming 2008 banking crisis and did nothing to stop it, is that said FBI director gets to misuse a taxpayer subsidized $40 million dollar private jet that costs $3 million dollars to fuel, as opposed to flying business class for much less.

But just so long as Mueller gets to fly in a private jet, whilst having a gourmet meal, like he’s some captain of industry, Forbes rated CEO, who is owner of a billion dollar company…when in actuality he is a civil rights abuser that blew 1 billion dollars of the taxpayers money, costing the nation and others a fortune, and has more bank accounts at his disposal than the average citizen. Not even members of Congress who are higher in rank than you travel like that on a regular basis.



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