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FBI Investigating Scientology For Abusing Children

February 8. 2011 

DOJ head Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller 

Two weeks ago, the Judiciary Report, slammed the FBI for allowing Kabbalah and Scientology to molest children with impunity (Why Does The FBI/DOJ Allow Kids To Be Molested In Scientology And Kabbalah). Apparently, it upset and embarrassed someone at the FBI/DOJ (and that was the goal), who according to site stats, both log on to this website every single day. This week, it has been announced all of a sudden, the FBI is investigating Scientology for abusing children, turning them into slaves and engaging in human trafficking. 

Hollywood cults often take people's labor for granted, brainwashing, then literally enslaving children and adults, who work for little or no pay. Scientology's "Sea Org" has long been accused of molesting children and holding them as slaves to do washing and cleaning, among other things. People who have fled the cult, repeatedly made these claims for years, but due to Scientology's high profile celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Will Smith, the government looked the other way. 

Still, I don't trust the illogically starstruck FBI/DOJ, who are very corrupt. After all, the whole industry knew quite a few stars were knowingly paying Anthony Pellicano to criminally wiretap, threaten and assault innocent people on their behalf, with Cruise even getting caught on tape in this regard and none of them went to prison. 

But mark my words, there is a scandal to end all scandals brewing, involving Hollywood and the FBI/DOJ, that is going to take that agency down. The ironic thing is, employees of the FBI/DOJ did something heinous in tandem with Hollywood, not realizing some federal workers saved back up copies of the files illustrating said crimes, as an insurance policy, in the event Congress comes knocking (and they will) in a bid to avoid prison. I look forward to adding it to the exclusives page when the brown stuff hits the fan (and it will).  


Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology investigated by FBI

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