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Why Does The FBI/DOJ Allow Kids To Be Molested In Scientology And Kabbalah

January 27. 2011

FBI Director Robert Mueller and DOJ head Eric Holder

There have been numerous credible reports and complaints that kids and teens are being molested in the Hollywood cults Kabbalah and Scientology, yet the FBI and their oversight, the Department of Justice (DOJ) allow these crimes to go on, due to the famous faces fronting said groups. How is that decent or honorable. 

They are putting a price tag on kids' innocence and it is not right. Kabbalah and Scientology are schizophrenic cults that have harmed so many innocent people, while engaging in serious felonies and crimes against the Constitution.  

The FBI and DOJ has the same attitude towards these Hollywood deviants, they did towards the "too big to fail" banking industry, right before they caused the worst financial crisis in modern world history. The masses should not pay for the sins of questionably rich people. 


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