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Floyd Mayweather Sued Over Sparring Session And Admits To Boxing Commission His 'All Access' Documentary Series Is Fake

October 20. 2014     

For all his money and fame Floyd Mayweather looks quite sad

Top boxer Floyd Mayweather has been sued by two up and coming fighters over a rule violating 31-minute sparring session that was filmed for his “All Access” documentary series. Sharif and Hasim Rahman Jr., the sons of former heavyweight champion, Hasim Rahman, sued Mayweather for, "Battery, tortious assault, false imprisonment, negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention and unjust enrichment." Both brothers state they were held against their will, forced to fight, threatened, injured in the uninterrupted sparring session and had to seek medical care.

The lawsuit alleges Mayweather lied to the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding a continuous 31-minute sparring session occurring, in violation of the governing body's rules, as there were no breaks present. The complaint also contends Mayweather's gym does not have the proper sparring license.

Floyd Mayweather being questioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission

What's interesting with this case is the statement that, "Mayweather testified in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission on Sept. 23 that much of what was shown during the 'All Access' series was false, made up to help boost pay-per-view sales." Some of the footage including in Mayweather's "All Access" does not set a positive example for athletes and audiences and this is regrettable.

In fact, it was reported, multi-billionaire friend and financier, Warren Buffett, who is one of the richest men in the world, backed out of the ring walk with Mayweather for his rematch with Marcos Maidana, due to the fact "All Access" featured Mayweather and his crew smoking marijuana, as well as the athlete cavorting with several of his girlfriends. This is not setting a good example and greatly endangering Mayweather's health and that of the women he has sex with.

Floyd Mayweather

Younger athletes looking up to Mayweather and trying to emulate his lifestyle are going to get badly burned by it, just like he has been. Due to the fact it is his private life, Mayweather is not sharing all the pain, heartbreak, damage, loss and suffering said promiscuity has caused him.

It's cost him the love of his life, he's hooked up with immoral loose women who have ripped him off, one of his concubines claimed there is an STD in his circle and his gold digging ex-fiancé, Shantel Jackson, whom I've broken exclusive stories on, even aborted his twins, lied to his face blaming him for it and sued him in court.


Floyd Mayweather (center) and Sharif and Hasim Rahman Jr

It's time to start playing by the rules. Run your gym by state rules, find yourself a decent woman and settle with her and leave the loose women alone before they destroy everything you've worked to build your whole adult life.


Floyd Mayweather sued for alleged 31-minute sparring round

The sons of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman have sued Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mayweather Promotions and Showtime in Clark County District Court regarding sparring sessions at Mayweather's gym that were a part of the "All Access" series.

Hasim Rahman Jr., 23, and Sharif Rahman, 18, sued for battery, tortious assault, false imprisonment, negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention and unjust enrichment. Neither Rahman has fought professionally, though Rahman Jr. is scheduled to turn professional on Nov. 13.

The Rahman brothers both sparred British boxer Donovan Cameron at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas during Episode 2 of Showtime's "All Access" series that was broadcast on Sept. 6 and designed to promote Mayweather's rematch on Sept. 13 against Marcos Maidana.

Mayweather referred to the gym as the "dog house" on the episode. "Guys fight to the death," a grinning Mayweather says during the Sept. 6 episode. "It's not right, but it's dog house rules." Floyd Mayweather told the Nevada Athletic Commission there were breaks during the 31-minute round. (AP)

But Mayweather testified in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission on Sept. 23 that much of what was shown during the "All Access" series was false, made up to help boost pay-per-view sales...The Rahmans also claim Showtime did not get a release from them and they did not consent to having their names and likenesses used in the program.



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