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GOP In An Uproar Over Polling Houses Querying More Democrats Than Republicans Creating A Bias For Barack Obama

September 28. 2012


Barack Obama

The GOP is upset over the recently developed bias of some polling houses, one of which President Obama's Department of Justice, began leaning on in a criminal investigation of another matter that some doubt is even true. It has been discovered, polling houses are now questioning more Democrats than Republicans, in what has created a terrible bias in favor of the President. 

Fair is fair. If you are going to conduct a poll, you should query the same amount of people from each party, to have some semblance of equity - not shift to one side because the President's shifty, lawbreaking Attorney General, Eric Holder, opened a criminal investigation into your company as a means of bullying you during election season. This could also backfire for Obama. Republicans that may not be bothered to get out and vote in this election, thinking their candidate is safe, may see these uneven and dodgy polls and think they have to get out there to the voting booth. 

Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden

The Judiciary Report would be genuinely stunned if Obama was truly polling ahead of rival Mitt Romney, as the President has done a bad job with the economy. There's no way to pretty it up, unless one releases fake economic data, as former President George W. Bush did, only for his successor to find out the hard way when he attained office that things have been quite bleak, but it was hidden from the public.

America cannot afford the Obama Administration and its record spending that has set the country back to poverty levels present in the nation almost 50-years ago, according to recently released economic data. I'm not going to lie, coming out of a terrible financial crisis is difficult, but common economic sense dictates you don't do it by borrowing and spending money you do not have on risky, new world investments that are costly with a great probability of failure, which is exactly what has happened four years on. A number of companies that received American taxpayer money as stimulus funds, have gone under, taking the money with them.  

Mitt Romney and runningmate Paul Ryan 

President Obama gave taxpayer money to a lot of companies and people that did not deserve it, nor did they know what they were doing. Not to mention, financial impropriety crept into the picture, as taxpayer funds were stolen and shipped abroad to offshore accounts, stimulating other nations' economies. 

I can appreciate that President Obama inherited a bad economy from his predecessor Bush, but he has made it infinitely worse with this mad spending. Obama continues to do the same thing he has done four years in a row, while the economy grows worse. Why keep doing the same costly thing every year only for it to end in financial failure. 

Mitt Romney (right) and runningmate Paul Ryan 

It's like having a boyfriend with expensive tastes, during a time when money is low and work is scant, yet he is determined he and his family must live the high life off of you and spend you into greater levels of bankruptcy, while claiming it will bring you both prosperity. Life and economics don't work that way. It's time for the break up.

Facts are facts. Romney is the more qualified candidate to address the financial crisis, having decades of business experience under his belt, having made $250,000,000 in the corporate sector. As many of you know, he is also the former Governor of Massachusetts, a state in which he created jobs. If America gets sued, Obama, who is a lawyer, is your man. But right now, more than anything, the nation needs a strong financial mind. To be frank, had Obama listened to sensible economics, America would have turned the corner almost two years ago.   


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