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Hollywood Is Hush About Angelina Jolie Tell-All Book 

July 31. 2010

Angelina Jolie, promoting the criminal copyright infringing film "Salt" which underperformed at the Box Office 

The Hollywood Reporter, published an article stating, Hollywood is staying away from the unauthorized tell-all biography on their number one home wrecker, actress, Angelina Jolie, much like they did with the Kitty Kelly "Oprah" book. 

They flatter themselves that Hollywood's silence actually made a difference in suppressing the "Oprah" tell-all bio. It did not work. Many blogs reported on the book, which essentially guarantees all of Jolie's secrets in the Andrew Morton tell-all, will receive the same treatment and spread all over the blogosphere that is read by many millions around the world.

"Angelina" book by Andrew Morton

The Judiciary Report will continue to publish articles on the incendiary book, already having covered pre-release tidbits, such as Jolie being a full-on harlot that slept with her mother's boyfriend as an underage teen, at 16-years of age. She should hope daughter, Shiloh, who is the spitting image of her, does not grow up to return the favor, betraying her the same.  

Morton states, the twice married, bisexual, Jolie, has been in a string of sexual relationships with celebrities, such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Mick Jagger, Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and of course, Brad Pitt. And that's just the men...

Marcheline Bertrand (left) and daughter Angelina Jolie (right)

Side Bar: Don't you just love the way Hollywood respects the Constitution, honoring the Amendments, by trying to silence and suppress free speech, free thought and individuals' property rights (sarcasm).


"Salt" Acting Salty

Angelina Jolie Slept With Her Mother's Boyfriend  



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