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Hollywood Perverts

September 4. 2009 

How does an industry, based on entertainment such as music, film and television, fall so far from the reaches of grace and in such a thoroughly depraved manner, that it leads them to believe, the laws that everyone in society must adhere to, does not apply to them.

How is it many in Hollywood believe, they are somehow empowered to illegal wiretap others through private investigators, which is still being done in spite of the Anthony Pellicano verdict, install thoroughly invasive and unthinkably nasty hidden cameras in people's homes and hotel rooms, stalk innocent people with the intent to abuse, electronically bug targets' cars and terrorize others over perceived verbal offenses, real or imagined.


Erin Andrews

When I read stories such as the appalling Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case, which is in reference to the pretty ESPN sportscaster, whose right to privacy was thoroughly and unconstitutionally violated, by a depraved criminal, executing an inside job, I shake my head in disgust and wonder how the government could allow Hollywood to drag the nation to such profound, invasive lows.

Evi and Randy Quaid

When I read about the case regarding Evi Quaid, the shameful wife of "Brokeback Mountain" actor, Randy Quaid, engaging a private investigator to abuse, harass and threaten innocent members of a local cast, her husband debased himself and physically and verbally abused, out of sheer arrogance, fuelled by his fading celebrity, I shake my head and question how such people achieve any sort of prominence to the point the government allows them to violate the rights of others.

What if the physical abuse had lead to serious injury or death. How does one justify such a thing in the press. An actor, whose job in essence is to be peaceful and non-violent, arrogantly fools himself into thinking he can beat and abuse others, claiming some sort of seniority, because he was in a film about a gay man being stalked by another homosexual. 

What I find equally astounding is the people that tolerate such madness from these stars, who do not make any valuable contribution to society. They corrupt your kids with the terrible examples they set and the deplorable entertainment they release into the marketplace.

They develop unjustifiable superiority complexes, though they are not scholars, scientists, physicists, biologists, astronauts or doctors, attempting to improve human life.

These are individuals employed to read and recite scripts a writer has authored and even that they flub on a regular basis.  

Madonna, the psychotic public face of Kabbalah

Then, I view my case, where I have faced unspeakably wicked human rights abuses that nearly claimed my life, for simply existing and seeking to run my entertainment company, that some in Hollywood wish to rob and destroy.

Not content with their own earnings, they decided I was to be dehumanized, robbed, assaulted, bullied and exploited, for daring to start an entertainment company in their industry, even though I stayed out of Hollywood, basing it in Miami.

I have been subjected to stalking, harassment, hacking, illegal wiretapping and hidden cameras criminally placed in my home, paid for by Madonna and co. and conducted by a private investigator and Kabbalah miscreants working with him to violate my rights.

Through these terrible misdeeds, they've single-handedly repealed a few hundred years of social progress civil rights advocates fought very hard for over the years.

Once again, how does an industry about entertainment, justify such terrible aforementioned abuses that are completely criminal.

How does one begin to even explain to the public, why this sick, insidious, perverted breed of nastiness exists in society. The answer is you can't, as it is an abominable aberration that plumbs the abyss of abhorrent human conduct, too shameful to mention.

Most would be too ashamed and disgraced to do something so heinous, nasty and terrible, but not Hollywood. Clearly, anything goes in Hollywood, even if it violates the Civil Rights Act and privacy laws.

And this is the level of human depravity nasty Hollywood has sunk to, watching people in their homes and hotel rooms, in criminal violation of the law. How is this something to be proud of. It is depraved and denotes extreme sexual dysfunction and mental insanity.

Do not support these stars with your money, as look at the nastiness they are using it for, to spy, degrade and abuse innocent people.

Why are stars in Hollywood so full of lip, but when it's crunch time, they are cowardly, yellow bellied and craven.

This cowardice causes them to hire private investigators and thugs to menace, harass and assault others, over perceived slights and verbal offenses. That's commonly referred to as hiding behind others, as you are too much of a coward and weakling to cash the check your mouth just wrote.

Michael Berg, the psychotic head of Kabbalah

For instance, when I went to the courthouse this past Monday, to file this lawsuit in the Madonna case, I was followed by a member of Madonna's depraved Kabbalah cult, who was wearing a red string bracelet, signifying his membership into the sick group.

He was a menacing looking thug, whose clothes were dirty and his disposition surly. He approached the clerk's counter at the court, where I was standing, filling out a mandatory cover sheet for the lawsuit I was attempting to file and he began making strange statements.

The clerk grew visibly annoyed with him, demanding he clarify why he was even present in the courthouse. He is a felon and loudly kept making reference to his "indictment" from "1998" which could not be open still in 2009.

Perplexed, the clerk asked him two more times to clarify himself, as she did not understand why he was there or what he wanted. She asked for his name and he hesitantly stated "Alexis A. Palme" and spoke of his "indictment" again from 1998 again. He kept emphasizing "indictment" which means he's a criminal. She still didn't understand what he wanted.

He kept trying to read my lawsuit that I had placed on the clerk's counter to be filed. Then, he leaned over to me and started giving me these vile, angry stares.

Seeing as though I already had PMS, I gave him a mean look back and to draw attention to why he was really there, intimidation, I pointed at his Kabbalah red string bracelet and stated a question I already knew the answer to "What is that bracelet!" His neck snapped back and he started stuttering (Oh, the power of PMS).

I wanted him to say it out loud in front of the clerk and the other court employee present in the room, as he had no reason to be there, other than he had followed me into the courthouse on Kabbalah's instructions, to intimidate me into not filing the lawsuit concerning Madonna's misconduct, announcing himself repeatedly as someone with an "indictment" also known as a felon.

He, then stuttered a bit and started mumbling in response to my question, "Celebrities wear it for good luck" and I said "Kabbalah." Realizing I knew that he was trying to intimidate me, he asked the clerk for a photocopy that she couldn't even find, as what he was telling her made no sense. He left shortly after and I filed the lawsuit anyway. 

And this ladies and gentlemen is Hollywood. An industry of thieves, perverts, crooks and liars, who aren't happy unless they are causing others misery, loss and grief.



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