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How Much Money Would It Take To Fix The U.S. Economy

December 9. 2012

Barack Obama (is this Obama's version of the "duck face")

How much money would it take to fix the U.S. economy, which is deep in financial crisis. That is a rhetorical question, as trillions have been spent trying to remedy the economy and it has failed to repair the damage. That should tell Washington this is not completely a money problem, but a procedural problem regarding law and order. There is something wrong within the system that needs to change. How can a nation have such a high GDP and be so steeped in debt and economic trouble. Something is not adding up.

The problem lies on Wall Street. Bad financial practices and corporate corruption. You canít have companies like Walmart, McDonalds, Apple, American Airlines, Yum and others doing their part, while white collar criminals with corporate entities based in fraud and theft drag the national average down, determined to illegally make money.

Until there are proper investigations, raids, record and bank account seizures and arrests, to weed out the lawbreakers who do not belong on Wall Street, the economy will continue in a negative cycle. Thereís no way around it. The situation can be likened to farming. One has to prune and weed out the bad branches, leaves and corrupted fruit or it will ruin the entire crop. And America keeps experiencing crop failure for this reason. If Obama and his administration want America to return to profitability, they will have to cut some of their corrupt corporate friends loose. Man up and lock them up.


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