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Is The Government Responding Well Regarding Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Where Is FEMA

November 3. 2012

Barack Obama

Is the Obama Administration responding well in aiding those in America affected by Hurricane Sandy. There have been sad and heartbreaking reports of people in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) being stranded without food or water. There are reports on NBC of people in New York defecating in hallways. There was video online of New Yorkers dumpster diving for food behind a supermarket. People are being gouged on the price of food that is available, while others are being charged $15 per gallon for gas, which is tree times higher than the state average.

This begs the question, why hasn't the Obama Administration mobilized FEMA and the military yet, to bring food, water and basic medical supplies to people who are suffering as a result of this storm. Trucks and helicopters could be used to move the supplies into the affected regions in a timely manner. During Hurricane Andrew, the military was called up to aide residents, who lost just about everything, via distributing food, water and other necessary supplies. 


Hurricane Sandy Devastates New York Killing Over 60 People In America Leaving Millions Without Electricity



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