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Lindsay Lohan Not Allowed Sharp Objects In Psych Ward

August 5. 2010

Lindsay Lohan

The more that comes out about the psychiatric treatment of fallen, Hollywood actress and Kabbalah member, Lindsay Lohan, is the clearer the picture becomes that she is mentally ill.

Yesterday, it was revealed, Lohan, is not allowed any sharp objects in the neuropsychiatry wing of UCLA, which is the medical protocol used for mentally ill patients that may harm themselves. Lohan is being treated for psychiatric problems and substance abuse issues.

People are not placed in psych wards just for fun. They end up there when they have serious mental problems. One would think it would be enough for the FBI to move in on the Kabbalah cult, as they have rendered many people severely mentally ill, including Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, Rosie O'Donnell and other non-famous individuals, some of whom have committed cold blooded murder in two countries. 

Doctors in three countries have commented on cases involving Kabbalah members, noting they are the sickest people they have ever treated. The mental damage the cult does to people, in order to keep them subservient and malleable, is appalling and sick beyond words. The human mind was not designed for that type of abuse. It produces a breed of schizophrenia that leads to violence and rage. 


Lindsay Lohan In Psychiatric Wing Of UCLA

Psychiatrists: Lindsay Lohan Is Crazy




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