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Madonna Jealous Of Daughter's Youth

May 1. 2010



I was informed by a very reliable source, Madonna has been going into plastic surgery overdrive, tying to make herself look younger, in the twilight of her career. It was said Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and even her ex-husband's true love, Tanya Strecker, served as her plastic surgery inspiration, the template of what she wanted to look like, as she tried to make herself over. It is also being said in certain circles that Madonna is jealous of her 13-year-old daughter's youth and is taking out her frustration on the teenage girl. 

Mad-onna's daughter Lourdes

A New York industry individual believes Madonna is prepping her to be her next income source, as audiences have soured on the 53-year-old pop tart. As such, her daughter Lourdes, who cannot sing and looks just like her mother, is being pushed into acting school

If her daughter inherited Madonna's acting gene, which is the source of several flopped films, this will get ugly. Furthermore, she is being pushed by a crazy, irrational pop star turned stage mother, who has even tried to wear the teen girl's clothes. Somebody needs to call DCF on that madwoman. She has a problem with females younger than her and goes to terrible extremes to impose her weird will in other people's lives.



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