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Madonna Producer Timbaland Tries To Kill Himself

August 25. 2010


Timbaland and a rough looking Madonna

Madonna's producer, Timbaland, mentioned in the Aisha v. FBI lawsuit, who previously reached out to me online, tried to kill himself this week, according to TMZ. His mother-in-law, made a frantic 911 call, seeking police assistance, as they believed the Kabbalah member, Timbaland, was distraught, suffering from a bout of mental illness and about to jump off a cliff. 

Another one Madonna has made crazy with Kabbalah. This man made music for over 15-years without incident or attempting suicide. Yet, not even three years after hooking up with Kabbalah, joining at Madonna's insistence, Timbaland, like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Steve-O, Chris Brown, Alex Rodriguez and so many other young stars, have become schizophrenic.

Once again, suicide is not the answer. The U.S. Government is doing a very poor job regarding the Kabbalah cult and the serious mental health risks it has been creating. They have branches all over America and in Britain, infecting people with sheer madness, detrimental to their mental health and well being. They have also engaged in murder and vicious acts of violence, in well publicized cases, recorded by police. Kabbalah has destroyed many lives and is going to bring Hollywood crashing down.

Timbaland 911 Call -- 'We Can't Find Him'

8/25/2010 11:05 AM PDT by TMZ Staff - TMZ has obtained the Timbaland 911 call, in which his mother-in-law desperately declares an emergency -- stating the rapper/producer was "tired of the stress" ... and noted that he was near a cliff.

TMZ broke the story ... after receiving the call, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department dispatcher sent out a "possible suicide attempt" APB.

A helicopter spotted Timbaland and deputies were sent to his location. Officers then took him home and determined his life was not in danger.

The Sheriff's Department tells TMZ ... "Initial information provided to the Sheriff's dispatch suggested that Mosley [aka Timbaland] might have taken some sort of medication that would make finding him more urgent."

As we previously reported, Timbaland was upset because someone stole his $2,000,000 watch.




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