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New Audio With Footage Released Of The Laquan McDonald Murder By Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Is Even More Infuriating (Video)

November 27. 2015

New footage has been released of the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke and it contains the sound that was scrubbed from the original video. Chicago Mayor and former Obama Administration alum, Rahm Emanuel, originally stated at a press conference that the dashcam video of McDonald's shooting has no sound. However, someone obtained a version of the dashcam video with sound and leaked it.

Original video of Laquan McDonald murder was released without sound:

The version of the video with audio is that much worse and more infuriating, as you hear bullets firing from Van Dyke's gun, the officer reloading and shooting again, in what was a preventable murder based in police brutality. The audio is jarring, as the shots just kept ringing out, one after another, leaving the underage teen dead in a pool of his own blood. The video reveals after the first two shots McDonald was incapacitated and on the ground. However, officer Van Dyke chose to fire 14 more bullets in an act of excessive force.

A still from the dashcam video of Laquan McDonald's shooting

Van Dyke, a known racist, showed no regard for the young black teen's life. Regardless of what racists think, everyone has rights. The court system is not set up to allow police officers to use excessive force in determining the death penalty on a public street. The misconduct McDonald is accused of, was a misdemeanor, not worthy of Van Dyke playing judge, jury and executioner ending the teen's life.

Laquan McDonald

The city of Chicago is under fire for covering up the crimes. For a year they did everything to suppress the case, refusing to release videos and files that illustrate McDonald was senselessly murdered in an act that was not self-defense. It took a court judge to order the city of Chicago's government to release the tape, as they kept resisting legal requests. In doing so, the government co-signed the crimes via the cover up that constitutes corruption. It's one thing when an employee does something crooked, but when it is brought to the government's attention, if they go along with it, that is corruption and a cover up, making them accomplices to crime. It is the equivalent of stating you agree with something evil that was perpetrated against someone.

Police officer Jason Van Dyke

Previously, the Judiciary Report proposed legislative lines be drafted on a congressional level (federal) legally compelling police officers to exercise restraint in cases when confronting suspects, meaning shooting unarmed people to death who are trying to flee from you should never be an option (Congress Needs To Enact Legislative Guidelines Regarding Police Brutality).


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